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Ring Toss

You can make this ring toss game interesting by having multiple cocktail glass targets, some farther than the others.

The idea is that each contestant will start with the Beginner Cocktail Glass, the nearest to the players. The number of successful tosses will determine who will move to the next level. This number will vary depending on how many levels you have. Just make sure that on the final level, you will only have 2-3 players competing for the win.


You will need male dolls for this game. Number will depend on how many players/groups you have. The doll must also have lots of accessories to make this game last longer.

This is the sexy and interesting version of a bride-to-be trivia. Host should prepare lots of question about the bride-to-be and when each question is asked, each person/group must try to be the first one to answer.

For every correct answer, the male doll should be stripped of one accessory. The person/group who was able to strip her doll naked the fastest will win this game.




The Best Margarita

Before anything else, pick some taste testers among your guests. You can leave the judging on who made the best margarita to them.

Each group is given a budget so as to buy their ingredients to make their best margarita. Be sure to prepare blenders and margarita glasses to be used by them.

The group who got the most thumbs up from the testers wins the Best Margarita Makers title and a prize.

Whose Undies?

Ask each of your guest to bring an underwear, since they will be needed on this game. As your guests arrive, collect their underwear without letting others see whose undies is which.

The idea here is to pick which underwear corresponds to each guest. The name of the guest should be properly indicated for a correct guess to be counted.

The person with the most correct guesses will win herself a pack of undies.

FEATURED BridalShowerGamesAtoZ Games

Time to play: 8 minutes
Players: Unlimited
Winners: 1

A bachelorette's little 'naughty' game! Ladies race against each other to be the first to fill in 'dirty' alcoholic drink names for each letter of the alphabet.

Time to play: 15 minutes
Players: Unlimited
Winners: No winners, just lots of laughs

Players fill out answers to different "what if" questions. The twist is that when a question is read, its answer will be a randomly chosen one.

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