Mystery Bachelorette Party Idea, Decoration and Food Tips and Printable FREEbies

If you’re looking for a clean bachelorette party idea and theme, and the bride to be happens to be a fan of mysteries and whodunits, then our mystery bachelorette ideas might just be what you want.


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Sample Bachelorette Party Invitation

We think the invitation found on the left is quite cute, and will work perfectly with the different mystery themed bachelorette idea found on this page.

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Bachelorette Party Idea & Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based bridal shower or bachelorette party! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your party, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

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Bachelorette Party Idea and Games


Mystery Bachelorette Party Idea & Games





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More Mystery Bachelorette Party Idea & Games


Whose Kisses (Clean/Naughty Fun)

This game is best played individually and since this is a bachelorette party game, you need a poster of some hot guy in a sexy pose.

The goal of the game is to match each lipstick mark to each guest in the shortest amount of time. The guest with the most correct guesses will win the Lips Expert title and some cool prize.

Before you play this game, make it possible for each guest to kiss your sexy poster without the others seeing where she left her kiss mark. You might also want to blindfold your kisser, since she will also be one of your guessers later on.

Be sure to number each kiss mark for easier game play. Want more tips? This game will make you a nice getting to know activity, especially if you require your guests to match each kiss mark to each guest name.

Mystery Bods (Clean/Naughty Fun)

The goal of the game is for each of your guests to guess who is the actor or personality behind the naked body part shown in the picture. So the more familiar your guests are to the naked arm in your picture, the better they can do well on this game!

Since one sexy male chest may look too similar to others, we suggest going for actors (and body parts) with something noteworthy. This can be an arm with a unique tattoo, an ear with noteworthy piercing and the like. Preparing more clues about the actor or personality may also be needed.

Puzzle Race (Clean/Naughty Fun)

What’s a mystery party without some puzzles?  Though not exactly as complicated as solving a murder mystery, we think that this is a fun addition to any mystery bachelorette party!

You need some jigsaw puzzles for this game. As the title implies, this is a race to piece those jigsaw puzzles together. The group who was able to complete their jigsaw puzzle the fastest, wins the game.

Tip: You can go for an off-the-shelf jigsaw puzzle or you can go for customized ones, a photo of the bride-to-be or her groom-to-be, or if you’re naughtier than us, go for some hot guy in his naked glory.

Clues Treasure Hunt (Clean/Naughty Fun)

You need a number of treasures to be hunted, and since this is a bachelorette party, be sure to pick treasures related to getting married or to the (wo)man of the hour.

This treasure hunt will be quite interesting because clues of what the item is and where they could look for it, will be given to each of the participant.

Start by dividing your guests into groups of at least 5. Ask one representative per group to pick out their color. The color assigned to them will define which of the clues should they locate.

Hidden in the game area are the items that come in each group’s color. Even the clues are color-coded. The clues and items with their color should be the only thing each group will be interested in.

Only the initial clue will be directly provided to each group. The rest they have to locate, so that finally, they could find all the hidden items that comes in their group's color. The group that could locate the most number of items within the time limit, wins the game. If all groups were able to finish on time, the one who was able to do so within the shortest time, wins the prize.


  • Clues could be description of the item  (eg. Book – His/her favorite past time) or about where it is located (eg. Kitchen – His/her favorite room).

  • Each group should be hunting for similar treasures. However, the location of where these treasures are hidden, and the order of how treasures are hunted, could be different between each group.

  • There should be connections between each clue and succeeding clues.

  • The unearthing of hidden treasures should follow the order assigned to the group. If Group 1 found Treasure 3, before they found Treasure 2, when their order states that Treasure 2 should come before Treasure 3, Treasure 3 will not be counted as their find, unless they find Treasure 2 as well.


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