Bachelorette Party Invitation Templates FREE, Thank You Cards and Blank Cards


Be sure to check out instructions of our bachelorette party invitation templates free for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

The bachelorette party invitations we have provided here is designed with the right dated look and feel, because it is designed to work well on vintage themed bridal showers. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for your other themed bachelorette party especially if you like the overall design of said invite.

But if you are open for more options for bachelorette party invitation templates free, we highly recommend you check our main bachelorette party invitations page,  wherein you can find some general themed invitations on the top section, and right below that are our theme-based invites. As the term implies, general invites should work on all types of showers, while our theme-based invites, wherein each was designed with elements of said theme, might only work on select kind of bridal send off party.

And if you don’t mind customizing your own wordings, we also recommend you check out our bridal shower invitations page,  particularly the blank template we have provided with each of our invitation design. In this manner, you will have more invitation options because we have more bridal shower invites compared to what we have provided as templates for bachelorette parties. Just read below on how you can personalize said blank template and add your very own invitation wordings.


CREATIVE Free Bachelorette Invitations



CREATIVE Bachelorette Thank You Cards





CREATIVE Bachelorette Cards



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How to get our bachelorette party invitation templates free:

On this page, you can find three types of templates – one is our bachelorette party invitation templates free, followed by a thank you note card, and last is a card that we left blank. All are saved as images, so to get the template you want, just do a right click on it, choose Save File/Image As depending on the browser you’re using and save it to D:\Images or your preferred image folder.

But before you proceed , we suggest you think about what is your idea when it comes to your invitation. Is it just a matter of filling up the fields with your party details? Or do you love the idea of coming up with your own invitation wordings, or if not that, using special invitation wordings that you can get from the net that will pass as something that is created for the bride? If your idea coincide with the former, we suggest you check our ready to use bachelorette party invitation templates free. Now if your idea matches the latter, then you will want to look at the blank template.

Whether you use the ready to use template or the blank one, you can use your favorite image editor to add your pertinent information. Or you can also do it the way we do it, which is via Microsoft Word.

So if you like the Microsoft Word idea, you can insert your chosen template in a blank document, insert a text box or more right on top of it, and you can type in your text inside said text box. We also suggest that you insert one text box per field if you are using the ready to use template. In this manner, it will be simpler for you to “fill up” said field and making sure that the text you’ve just added is aligned to the text that comes with the template by default. For the case of the blank card, a single text box will do since you don’ t need to deal with fields at all.

And that instruction for the blank card should also work if you decided to look at the blank template at our bridal shower invitations page.  The same way, you don’t need to bother with the background and design since we took care of that for you, just concentrate on coming up with wordings that will entice your guests to RSVP.



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