Bridal Decoration Shower Ideas For Country Themed Showers

DIY Bridal Decoration Shower

The best location to have your country bridal shower is in a barn, a clean one at that. But since a barn might not be accessible to everyone, the great thing about a country shower is that you can have it in the midst of the city, and with the right decoration, you can get the right countrified effect.

Now if you just like to have a country themed shower where no barn is in site, then the good thing is there are many country elements that you can play with, which include (but not limited to) one of those big cart wheels, stuffed animals, different western elements (WANTED posters, lasso, horses, cowboy hat, boots, sheriff badge, etc), hay, farm tools, farm animal stuff toys and pictures, wooden/rustic stuff and a lot more.

You can start by having a nice fitting entrance which features one of those fence that secure different animals in a farm. You can also put some straw bale, big wagon wheels, other farm tools in the surrounding to add more country feel. On your walls, WANTED posters can be posted, which can feature the bride to be, the groom to be, or maybe some signs fitting for a bridal shower, which can include WANTED: Hot Men, Girl’s Wild Night, and so on. As we are fans of personalized decorations, we think a picture of the bride to be riding ala cowgirl is a nice addition so we’re pitching that in.

Your floor can have (faux) animal print carpets, and if you have pillow cases, curtains and other cloths which features the same, now is a good time to bring them out since they will be needed for your event.

Wooden tables are preferable on any country parties. Fruits in traditional baskets can be your centerpiece, which you can decorate with a ribbon or two. A bunch of grains and stalks is also a fitting table decoration, and so is bunch of wildflowers contained in a can-material vase. Another idea is to have some berries in nice-looking glass/jar, or maybe submerged in a jar of water. Last but not the least, how about making use of coconut shell, put some water in it and have a candle float inside it? You can even put some flower petals if you think that will make it way better.

Depending on how big your event is, you can choose to put some table numbers to guide your guests on where you plan to sit them. You can write the table number on a card with cow print. And to complete your country party decorations, get some balloons with cow prints, or if you prefer simpler balloons, one that come in white and brown or black are the balloons you want.

Though not something that you place out there as bridal decoration shower, if you have party gifts for your guests, we suggest giving them to your guests as they arrive, especially if the favor will add to the atmosphere’s theme-based feel. If you are giving away cowboy hats, having your guests wear it all throughout the party will definitely add the right country pizzazz. So will a sheriff badge, a bandana and so on. That should add the right country feel on your bridal shower!





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