Bridal Party Games : Bingo with the right Kitchen Twist - Herbs and Spices

The bridal party games that can be found on this page was designed for kitchen themed bridal showers,  so if you are throwing her a kitchen or cooking themed bridal shower, or you think a kitchen themed activity is something you want to be part of your friend’s shower, then  this might just be the game you want.

To give you more idea on what this game is all about,  you can find bingo cards on this page which features names of different spices and herbs, which is why we are recommending them for kitchen themed showers. As with other bingo games, this will be played with the host calling out the words while players will need to find said words on their cards and mark them as they find them. One thing  that need to be considered though. Since this one doesn’t come with B I N G O columns, words are not tied up to specific columns, meaning a word that appeared under the 2nd column on one card, can also appear under the last column on another card. But since we made sure that each name of spice or herb is unique per card, so once a player finds a specific spice on their cards, then no need to scour their card further since that’s basically it.

Now if a bingo game is not the right game approach for your event, no worries, since we also have this spice and herb game as a word search game, so it’s all about your players doing a word hunt instead of just waiting for words to be called out. But if you are not that attracted to the idea of a spice game at all, no worries since we have tons of other free bridal party games, and you can find the lot on our bridal party games main page. We also have naughtier games which were made for brides who doesn’t mind going for a bit sexy and naughty games without being downright dirty, so if your friend fits the bill, make sure you check out our bachelorette party games main page as well.



Kitchen Themed Bridal Party Games

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 1 & 2

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 3 & 4

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 5 & 6

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 7 & 8

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 9 & 10

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 11 & 12


Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 13 & 14

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 15 & 16

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 17 & 18

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 19 & 20

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 21 & 22

Kitchen Bridal Bingo Card 23 & 24



Naughty Bridal Shower Games

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Get your married &/or knowledgeable friends to share comments and testimonials on each position as it is drawn and called by your game host!



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Kitchen Themed Bingo Word List




How to use our bridal party games:

Depending on how many you need, you can download our different bingo cards by following the above links. We made sure we prepared numerous cards, but just in case your group is bigger than the number of cards we have provided, we say just use the same card, and if you do find more than one winner because of this arrangement, that is not really a bad thing, right?

Another Bridal Party Games Idea:

If the idea of another bingo game or word search game even is not the least attractive, we think going for the live version of this spice and herb game is something you can consider. Basically, you need to have the real spices behind said names and have your guests guess the name of each spice or herb after they get a sniff or two. That should be an interesting game to play right?

And if you prefer to do so, you can even make it a notch more interesting by adding a memory twist to said bridal party game idea. So aside from the need to know the name of said spice or herb by smell or physical appearance, your players will even need to remember which numbered container corresponds to which spice. That should inject the right amount of excitement to this typical kitchen game, if we may say so.



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