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Be sure to check out our instructions for our bridal shower and games for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Whether you are the type who loves the idea of purely printable games for her bridal send off party, something active that will require your guests to get out and stretch their limbs, or even a mix of the two, we have made said games available and we are pretty sure you will find one that will suit your needs, if not on this page, then on our other pages.

The bridal shower and games that we have here is more of the printable and pen and paper kind, one of our many bridal shower bingo cards to be specific. If you like the idea of this bridal shower bingo, this is where you can get more bingo game cards.

If this didn’t tickle your fancy for one reason or another, we recommend that you check out our bridal shower games page, and we would like to highlight that on the top section, you will find our printable games, while our more physical yet general games are found right below that. If you are interested on theme-based game ideas, we recommend you check out our bridal shower themes page, follow the entry related to your theme, and the page you will reach will have lots of theme-based ideas, game ideas included.




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Although not explicitly tagged as bridal shower and games, we also recommend that you check out our bachelorette party games page, because we don’t see a reason why the games we tagged there, which happens to be naughtier and sexier than our bridal shower and games but still about getting married, albeit the naughty side of it, can't be fitting as game additions. Just make sure that the bride to be doesn’t mind going for these naughtier games, since this will also set the mood and atmosphere of how her bridal send-off party will be like. If you decided to go ahead and check said pages out, similar to our bridal shower games, we also have two kinds of bachelorette games – the printable games are found on top of our bachelorette games main page, while our traditional and more physical games are found at the bottom.

How to get our bridal shower and games card:

As you can see, there is only one bingo card on this page and since we’re pretty sure you will need more than one even if her bridal shower is pretty small, click here to get more bingo cards. And since all our bingo cards are saved as images, you can get each of them the same way you get other images from the net, which is to right-click on the image you want to get, choose Save File/Image As, depending on your browser, and save your game cards at D:\bridalgames or your preferred game folder location.

More bridal shower and games:

Did you know that by injecting some kind of twist, traditional games like bingo games and word search games can become theme-based games? And since we also like the idea of theme-based printable games, we already made some and you can find the lot at our main bridal shower games page.

Just to give you a preview, if you are throwing her a kitchen themed shower, which happens to be quite popular as a bridal shower theme, we have a bingo game and even a word search game designed with related elements, one that features spices and herbs to be exact.  Since this is one of our many bridal shower and games, we say check out our game page and see for yourself what is the more fitting game for your event.


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