Feel like making your own invitation? With these bridal shower clipart, your creative juices and time, you can definitely entice them to RSVP!

If you are looking for FREE bridal shower clipart that are ready to be sent as your bridal shower invites, then you must visit our page of free bridal shower invitation, which you will find helpful if you will be throwing a bridal shower anytime soon. Want off-the-shelf printable games? Check out BridalShowerGamesAtoZ and their tons of printable shower games.

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~We have a new bridal shower game, and this one is all about searching for the right words, words related to bridal showers and weddings to be specific. So if you think this will be a hit to your guests, then make sure you download our new and free bridal shower games printable.

~Peacocks are really popular, more so as a wedding theme, but is also a theme option in the bridal shower arena. So if the bride to be has a thing for peacocks, or peacock colors, why not throw her a bridal shower with the said theme? No idea where to start? Our peacock themed bridal shower ideas is a MUST-read.

~Looking for a bridal shower bingo with a cool twist? We think our kitchen-themed bingo, which features names of herbs and spices instead of typical bridal shower words will be a worth considering. They will work great for your event, whether you're throwing a kitchen-themed shower or a general one. But why take our word for it? Check out our printable bridal shower game, since it's FREE and is just a few clicks away!

~We have printable decorations for pirate bridal send-offs! If you are throwing a pirate themed bridal shower, we have banners, printables for your cupcakes, favor box, centerpiece, and other decorations that can help you bring the right pirate theme on your bridal shower.

We think they will help bridal shower throwers like you set the right theme-based atmosphere, but why take our word for it, check out the rest of our printables for decorating for a bridal shower!


~We have a new bachelorette theme suggestion from Magdalena of Whistler, British Columbia:

Mary Antoinette Theme: All the ladies wore corsets, tutus, lace, feathers, high heels, and were encouraged to indulged! everything!

You can check out the rest of the ideas here.

~A bachelorette party need not be all about sexy dancing men. Although a lot of hen parties are still naughty and sexy, more brides nowadays prefer a clean bachelorette party, and golf-themed bachelorettes in particular, are becoming more popular.

Maybe she just love the sport, or you think she and your other friends will enjoy playing mini golf or even the real deal. Either way, if you opted for this theme, you need not worry about your party activities. And with our new golf themed invitation bachelorette party, your invitations is another thing you need not worry about.

~If you are hosting a bachelorette party soon and is still looking for a great and clean party activity, we have just added more free bachelorette party game ideas that you might want to check out. Have fun searching/hunting for words that are associated to bachelorettes and weddings with our new Bachelorette Word Search game.




They may be free, they may even be pretty, but there’s no doubt that creating your own invitation, or customizing our free invitations to make your own version of that invitation, is something that you should seriously consider. For one, party invitations is pretty much the first thing your guests will see related to your party and you want to create the best impression you can. And since you know your guests better, you will know what will appeal to them the most, which is why FREE invitations will accomplish its purpose - tell your guests about your party, but they may fail to WOW your guests in the process. So if you are up to challenging your creative juices and work on WOWing your guests, this is where the free bridal shower clipart you will find on this page comes in. You will need an Acrobat Reader to access said cliparts.

Download Free Bridal Shower Clipart 1

Download Free Bridal Shower Clipart 2


No Acrobat Reader? You could download it from this site.

To use these cliparts, just click on the Graphics Select Tool (this is usually near the text selector tool button) in Adobe Reader's menu bar, and highlight the image of your choice. Your chosen image will be copied when you do this (will be in your clipboard), and you could just paste it in your favorite image editor or in Microsoft Word, depending on where you plan to create your printables.

All set? Then start downloading these free cliparts, and you'll be a step nearer in making your very own printable!




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