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Mystery Bachelorette Decorating Ideas

Gray, black and white are the colors welcome on any mystery party. Cut-outs (or the real thing) of magnifying glasses, question marks and other symbols that you can associate to mystery and detecting should be all over the place.

Placing different crime equipments here and there will not be amiss. Posters of popular mystery movies should decorate your wall, and adding Dick Tracy’s cap, some jigsaw and other puzzles will be great additions.

If you have tons of detective books, it’s a good idea to bring them out and place them somewhere obvious.

Since this is a bachelorette party, you can make this all about girl power and placed pictures/posters of famous girl detective characters all over your party room. Pictures of hot guys wearing a Dick Tracy cap and maybe biting on a pipe will be cool additions as well.

As for bridal shower decorating ideas for your table decoration, a jar full of heart-shaped candies can be your centerpiece. The cool thing about this is that by asking your guests to guess how many candies are in there, and rewarding the guest with the nearest guess with some cool prize, your centerpiece can even be one of your party activities.

If you don’t like that idea, then how about using some detective pipes as your table decoration? You can even decorate it with flowers to make it prettier, if you so prefer.

We also love the idea of a detective teddy bear attached on a wine bottle so we’re pitching that in. And since your used wine bottle will also work perfectly as a vase, feel free to fill each with the bride-to-be’s favorite blossoms.

Lastly, a picture of the bride-to-be in her best detective attire is another centerpiece idea. We like this one particularly because it fits the theme and is pretty personal.

Again, white, gray and black are the right colors for your balloons. Now you’re all set to have your mystery party!


Peacock Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

Having your shower on someone’s garden is very fitting if you’re having a peacock bridal shower, since even if it’s not exactly a peacock’s natural habitat, having an outdoor event is definitely preferable than being cooped indoor, not to mention the abundance of green color when you’re outside, which is definitely not a bad thing on any peacock showers.

But whether you go indoor or outdoor, green, blue, bronze and purple are the colors you want. You can use ribbons and cloths with said hues to highlight your chosen theme. Or if you’re having your shower indoor, just bring out  curtains, pillow cases, rugs and carpets that will mesh well together. We also think that adding a peacock feather or two on the right locations will do a lot to set your desired atmosphere.

Pictures, photos or paintings of peacocks are very welcome to decorate your walls. But since we’re great fans of personalized decorations, we love the idea of pictures of the bride and groom to be with a peacock or just in the wide outdoor communing with nature.  Although the latter doesn’t have any peacock in the picture, they will still work well with the other things you have prepared.

For your table, be sure to have a solid table cloth that comes in your preferred peacock hue. Then add a table decoration that will work well with your chosen hue, which can be a plant or a bunch of flowers contained in a used wine bottle, with a peacock feather of course. We also love floating candles as centerpiece, so a bowl of water with a floating candle amidst some leaves and purple petals is worth considering.   So are a bunch of candies that come in gold, blue, green color, contained in a pretty jar of your choosing.

We love balloons and for your peacock bridal shower, you can easily get some in the right hues, and just like that, those will be great additions to what you have prepared so far. That should give you lots of bridal shower decorating ideas for your peacock themed bridal send off party


Pirate Bridal Party Decorating Ideas

We are beefing up our bridal party decorations, and you can find more pirate-themed bridal shower decorating ideas and other bridal party decoration printables here.


Princess Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

The color of the room where the celebration will be held should be in white, pink, red and gold.

You could start with the room hangings, wherein shoes made from cardboard and covered with gold or silver foil should be in abundance. Gold crowns, silver crowns, pink castles, pink and red hearts, should definitely be part of the room hangings. Adding Cinderella's very pretty carriage in the mix will surely not be amiss.

Posters of popular princesses and their prince charmings should decorate your walls. Photos of them together will do the trick, but having them on a romantic pose is much better.

Since the bride to be needs to feel like a princess on her special day, then she needs a special chair (aka throne) positioned in the right place so she can view her friends and subjects properly.

As for our bridal shower decorating ideas for your centerpiece, you could use a vase “dressed up” in a lacy-like dress, either from your doll or a borrowed baby dress. Place some red and pink flowers, or if you want something that will not wilt on you, buy some heart-shaped balloons, of course, still in red and pink.

If you, like us, love edible centerpiece ideas, then using pink or red fruits displayed properly will be a nice touch. If that doesn't work, cupcakes with pink and white icings, setup on a cake stand of some sort, will work as well.

Of course, going for candles in those old but grand looking candelabras will be an easy centerpiece approach and will fit nicely with what you have prepared so far.

For balloons, pink balloons are definitely the order of the day so be sure to order a lot. That should give you tons of princess themed bridal shower decorating ideas.




Shoe Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

Having a shoe bridal shower? Don’t be surprised if your shower room will look like a shoe store, since that, or something near that, is necessary to put the right theme-based party atmosphere.

To start off our bridal shower decorating ideas for this theme, we think that a walkway of shoes (similar to the walkway of fame) is a nice addition and can work as your party room entrance. So is a walkway which involves different shoe prints coming in different colors.

Real shoes, even if they are not Jimmy Choos, are necessary to be part of your decorations, so place them strategically in your shower room. If they’re new enough to warrant a close inspection, you can even use some pillows and other stands to showcase those pretty shoes.

Boxes of shoes, and paper bags which are associated to shoes, are also necessary to be all over the place, so make sure you ask friends and the bride to be herself for their collection, since you need them as part of your shower decorations.

Cutouts of shoes or maybe photos of the same can be hanging from your ceiling in a clothesline and part of your bridal shower banner, which should show something like We Found Our Perfect Pair. We also adore the idea of taking photos of the bride to be with different shoes and poses, and those can adorn your walls. That should add some personal touch to these theme-based bridal shower decorating ideas.

Now it’s time to consider what your table centerpiece should be.  A shoe box filled with (fake) flowers is easy enough to prepare so that’s something you can consider. So is a pretty shoe in a nice stand. We are great fans of used wine bottle to house your pretty flowers, so we’re pitching that in. To make it the perfect addition to any shoe shower, make sure you attach some ballerina shoes on each wine bottle.

If you think edible centerpieces is the way to go, and you happen to have time in your hands, at least time to bake lots of shoe-shaped cookies, place your edible masterpiece in a platter and that should work well as your centerpiece. And if you have enough, those can also be one of your takeaways for your guests.

Depending on how big your event is, you might need a table number, which you can write on a shoe cutout. It should be simple enough to prepare and it will be a useful and theme-based addition to what you have already prepared.

We love balloons and we think these bridal shower decorating ideas won’t be complete without them, so complete your event with some balloons that come in the bride to be’s favorite colors. And you can also consider getting a bunch of balloons that comes in shoe shape, since that will be a fitting addition to your decoration.

Although not exactly part of decorations, we think asking your guests to wear their favorite shoes and maybe even do some modeling during the shower will be quite cool. So if you think the bride to be will adore this idea, then make sure you include this instruction as part of your invitations, since doing so will save you a lot of calls.


Spa Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

If you are having this in a salon, then your decoration problems are over. But if you're having this on someone else's house, then no worries, since you can still use your favorite spa place to give you some spa themed bridal shower decorating ideas.

Having the right colors is very important, since you want a relaxing atmosphere, and an abundance of red or orange will not do that trick. We think the right shade of green will do just that, and some browns here and there won't hurt either.

Towels and robes are definitely welcome in any spa shower, and so are your foot massage kits, comfortable chairs, and other materials that you will need in your shower activities.

Flowers and plants are the thing for any spa bridal shower. And for your centerpiece, there's nothing like floating candles with rose petals in a fish bowl with river stones and water to serve as a fitting centerpiece.

Though not exactly something you place out there as decoration, the right smell and sound will add a lot to the atmosphere you're aiming for. Nature sounds from tweeting birds to rippling brook will satisfy your need for the right sound, while the smell of fresh flowers and scented candles will help everybody feel refreshed and maybe relaxed, which is a very important ingredient to make this shower theme a successful one!


Stock the Bar Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

A stock the bar bridal shower should be all about elegance and your decorations should reflect it. Different paintings should decorate your walls. Some glass and antique decorations will not be amiss as well. Some vintage wine showcased properly, flowers in the right places, and candles in elegant-looking candle holders will do a lot to the atmosphere you're aiming for.

Our bridal shower decorating ideas for your centerpiece include some grapes and flowers. Get some nice-looking bowls and arrange your grapes and flowers accordingly.

If you don't like grapes in the picture, some pretty flowers in old but clean wine bottles will also be cool. We've also seen some wine glasses which contain a floating candle and we think that's pretty nice as well. Be sure to decorate the wine glass with a ribbon or something similar to add more pizzazz to it.

Of course, if you're going for the classic table decoration of candles in candelabras, that will also be fine.

To wrap up our bridal shower decorating ideas, you can just choose white balloons to surround your party room. That will still make your party feel like a party and at the same time, will not detract your elegant atmosphere


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