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Tea Party Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

Green and brown should be the colors that will strike your guests when they enter the room where your shower party will be held.

If you want to decorate your ceiling, you can hang papers folded like tea bags, cardboards in the shape of tea pots, cups, kettle, plates, spoon and fork. As for your walls, posters showing some ladies chatting to their friends and just having a good time will be great. That should put everybody in the right frame of mind, which is to have fun and enjoy this special day with the bride-to-be.

For your centerpiece, you have a choice between a tasty centerpiece and a decorative one. If you want to go for the tasty one, then just have a cake, scones and other pastries and sandwiches displayed in a cake stand of some sort. For the decorative one, just setup a tea pot and cups in a tray, and there you go, that's your centerpiece.

To add more to the tea party feel, bring out your best china set and silverware to be used in serving whatever delicious fare you have prepared for your guests.

For balloons, just get green and brown ones, and you're now all set for your best tea party yet! That should already give you tons of tea themed bridal shower decorating ideas.


Travel Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

Depending on how big your party room area will be, we highly suggest dividing the room in many sections, where each section should represent the different elements of different countries. Since there’s a lot, you can consult the bride to be for countries she wants to explore. Another option is to choose countries which have lots of noteworthy elements, which should make your decoration easier. If you’re singling out Chinese, then it’s all about silk, cherry blossoms, Chinese calligraphy, a dragon or two, just to name a few. If she loves Japanese, then you can go for the formal version with Japanese lanterns, umbrella, origami, katana, kimono, or you can go for the fun version and include anime in the picture.

Pictures of elements associated to travelling like mode of travel (car, airplane, boat), suitcases (you can also drag out some of your real ones), maps, MUST-See sceneries and so on will also add a lot to your decoration. Just make sure they’re everywhere, since you want your theme to be all over the place.

For your table decoration, an oriental-designed vase which will contain your fresh flowers will be quite easy to prepare. You can also just get one of those small (and lucky) bamboo plants since they will make you an instant centerpiece. A jar full of fortune cookies, a take-out box full of stuff related to getting married, a  used wine bottle as your vase, and of course some pretty Japanese lantern are also some of your options.

Since we love personalized bridal shower decorating ideas, a photo of the bride to be wearing a cool costume will make you an amazing centerpiece so we highly recommend it.

Depending on how big your event is, you might want to place some guest table number/name to let your guests know where they should go. We think calling each of your table after the bride’s favorite countries is one theme-based approach, although we don’t see any problem if you stick to numbers written in airplane or ship cut-outs. Either way, it will achieve the goal, which is to further stress your chosen theme and tell your guests where to go.

Although not exactly part of your decoration, asking your guests to wear their very traditional costumes of kimono, Chinese collar dress, and the like will add to the fun factor of your bridal shower, so we say go for it.

And to wrap up these bridal shower decorating ideas, you can approach your balloons in the same way that you approached your other decorations. Choose some elements that represent your chosen countries, and find out if there’s a balloon that was designed with it in mind. So dragon balloons are definitely in, and so are Eiffel tower and Hawaiian-themed ones.




Valentine Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

Lots of red and heart cut-outs all over the place is the default decoration for any Valentine party. However, you don't have to be limited to this since there are other elements that you can play with that will work well for this theme. Love letters are definitely in so make sure you have tons of envelopes with heart swirls hanging around. Cupid making an appearance or two is definitely welcome, and so are cut-outs of the "I Love You" word in different languages.

Stuff toys are quite popular during the love month so make sure you showcase one or two of those giant teddy bears. If you have more, feel free to bring them out and position them strategically at the center of your party room.

Posters of cute romantic movies should also decorate the walls of your party room. No idea where to start? Drew Barrymore seem to have her fair share of such movies so you can start with that.

Blown up pictures of the bride to be and her hubby to be in some cute and sweet pose will be great additions since they don't just follow the theme you've chosen, they're also quite personalized, which we think is just great for something as special like a bridal shower.

Want to make it more personalized? We think that borrowing photos of your guests' better half will make it that. And the cool thing is, these photos will also make a good game material so be sure to check out our game ideas to know what we're talking about.

We also have tons of ideas for your centerpiece. How about some red roses in a pretty vase? Chocolates are also popular during this special time so if you would rather decorate your table with something that can satisfy your guests' sweet tooth at the same time, just bring out a decorative platter and line up some of those brown and sweet goodies. If those didn't quite do it for you, then how about a used wine bottle to house your pretty roses and attach a cute stuff toy to it? If you think that's too common and would prefer something more unique, then we think a photo of the couple of the hour in some sweet pose will be a cool and personalized table decoration.

These bridal shower decorating ideas will not be complete without some balloons in the picture, so we suggest you consider them when planning your decorations. We'll leave it to you whether to get special heart-shaped ones, although typical balloons in red and white are already great, and will work very well with the rest of these bridal shower decorating ideas.


Victorian Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

You can choose to go out with the whole shebang and make sure that your party room has grand-looking chandelier, silver and crystals in the right places, antique mirrors and paintings hanging from your walls, large oriental vases on certain areas plus never ending carpets, and so on.

But if you think this is way too much for your bridal shower, we say just go for a sofa and throw pillows made of chintz (or something similar), and bring out your old rose curtains or something that comes in one of the classic colors that will complement your other sofa elements. If you have a carpet that have this old-fashion classical look, be sure to use it for your party, since it will be a great addition, even if it’s not exactly of Victorian times.

Ceramics and porcelains are two other elements that can give you that classical feel, so if you have a pretty ceramic figurine of a couple or some item that can be associated to love and weddings, then be sure to bring them out and place them strategically on your party room.

We think sepia photos of the couple in some romantic but demure pose should decorate your walls is a great bridal shower decorating idea. If they’re up to it, they can even dress-up to look like someone who just came out of the Victorian era.  Pinup photos of sexy men (or what will pass as pinup photos during said time) should be scattered around your party room to add to the shower atmosphere.  And lastly, creating announcement-like posters in brown/yellowed paper broadcasting the upcoming wedding and bridal shower are also worth adding.

A lacy or an embroidered table cloth can adorn your guest tables. You can add an old but nice-looking vase to house your orange blossoms or baby’s breath and it will be a great table centerpiece. But if you prefer a more personalized centerpiece, we love the idea of a bride and groom sepia photo as table decoration and thus, we highly recommend it!

We will leave it to you on whether to get balloons, but if you decided to do so, we think that white balloons are worthy additions and will completement all previously mentioned bridal shower decorating ideas.


Vintage Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

Anything antique or old is considered vintage, but since there’s a lot of elements that you can play with, we think that narrowing them further will make your bridal shower decorating easier and better planned.

One approach is to choose a time from the past that is very near to the bride to be’s heart. This can be the year when she was born, when her groom to be was born and so on.

Once you have a specific timeline, it’s quite easy to pick elements from said era, play around with them, and some of these will be part of your bridal shower decorating ideas. Want a bridal shower with the right 1940s or 1950s feel? Then it’s time to borrow a jukebox, some soda fountain, poodle skirts, a slinky or two, old records and so on.

If you have those dated elements in place but still prefer to add more,  we think that posters or photos related to movies, fashion, trends, and music are great in representing olden times, so be sure to get your hands on some. You can stick to getting a photo or two of an old movie favorite, but we are great fans of personalization so we think a photo of the bride and groom doing their best to look like Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart from a scene in Sabrina will be amazing. We also think it’s quite cool to have them do a photo session looking like hippies from 1960s, and so on. Sexy photos of men from the past will add a lot to the bridal shower feel so be sure to add some. A clothesline full of older versions of what we know as lingerie or swim wear are also something you can consider.

A lacy or an embroidered table cloth can adorn your guest tables. And for your centerpiece, you can decorate an old Coke bottle with a bunch of her favorite flowers and make it your table decoration. One of those old-looking vase or a used vintage wine bottle can also serve as substitute if you think an old soft drink bottle won’t do your flowers justice.  If you love the idea of a personalized decoration, then be sure to stick some black and white photos of the bride, since that will also make you one nice table centerpiece.

We will leave it to you on whether to get balloons, but if you do decided to do so, we think that white balloons are worthy additions to what you have prepared so far. That should give you lots of vintage themed bridal shower decorting ideas.


Western Bridal Party Decorating Ideas

Brown should be the dominant color in your party room whether you are doing bridal shower decorating or decorating for any bridal send off party. Anything leather and western-looking items are great. You could also play country music to add to your western atmosphere.

Movie posters and pictures of anything western should decorate your walls. If you have posters of your favorite country singers, pictures of horses, the desert, buffalos, and cowboys/girls, then you will have no problem on what your wall hangings should be. A picture of bride-to-be in her best western look yet is also a nice addition! You can even design it as if she’s in a WANTED poster, since that will definitely add to the western feel.

If your party room is big and you need some sort of divider, some cardboard decorated to appear like the doors found in western bars (yes, we mean those small doors that comes right across your chest and swings open and close) will be fantastic. Although it might get a bit messy, we love the idea of adding a bundle or two of hay in the picture, since that will be quite cool.

For your table, you can use leather-looking tablecloths if you have them. If none, then any checkered one will also serve as a good replacement. Either will work for your bridal shower decorating or bachelorette decorations.

You have lots of options when it comes to your centerpiece. If you have small and cute looking cactus, then bring them out! If that didn't attract you a bit, and you just happen to have some horse figurines (tall ones, especially), then those will also be cool! A cowboy hat full of wild flowers is also a colorful and fragrant table decoration option, but if you can make use of  used wine bottles as flower vase, attach a cowboy/girl (animal) stuff toy on each, you will not just have a table decoration, that stuff toy will also make a cool gift to some of your lucky guests.

Complete the picture with some brown, black and white balloons. Or if you prefer more unique-looking balloons, use some horseshoe-shaped or those that comes with cow print ones instead! Either of those are great as bridal shower decorating ideas or bachelorette party decorations, so make sure you consider them.


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