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Kitchen Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

To start our kitchen themed bridal shower decoration ideas, you will need beautiful tablecloths, utensils, containers and bowls since they are needed for your shower decoration.

Aprons, chef hats, and oven-mittens should make an appearance, either decorating your wall or hanging from above. Wall posters that are about food or cooking will also add to the atmosphere you're aiming for.

For your centerpiece, you can either go for flowers (there's nothing like a bunch of fresh flowers to brighten any kitchen). But if you think flowers are too commonplace, fruits like lemon and oranges submerged in a see-through container with water will make you a very refreshing and colorful table decoration.

We also saw some very pretty salt and pepper shakers that will make you a lovely table decoration. Tie it with a ribbon or two if you want to make it a notch lovelier.

A party won't be complete without some balloons. You can order ordinary-looking balloons in assorted or in bride-to-be's favorite color, but just in case you are aiming for the more unique kind, some balloon stores offer flower or fruit-shaped balloons that you might want to consider.

Lingerie Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Lace, silk, and feathers are a MUST for any lingerie bridal shower. Red, black and other sexy colors should dominate the shower room.

A lingerie shower can be pretty naughty, but the level of naughtiness still depends on you. Don't worry, even if you don't want naughty stuff in your shower, a lingerie shower is still an option for you.

Feathered handcuffs, whips, leather, velvet, leopard prints and the works are items that will add to the atmosphere you're aiming for.

We also think that you can approach this theme by adding some elements typically seen in Moroccan parties. Just enough to give the sensual feel, since that is definitely wanted on any lingerie bridal party.

Strawberries will make you a sexy centerpiece, dip it in chocolate and elevate its sexiness to the next level. Arrange them in a glass or a bowl and you're all set.

Heart candles with rose petals (red of course) floating in an elegant looking jar is also another sexy table decoration idea.

Make your balloon come in red and black and you're all set for your sexy and FUNtastic lingerie bridal shower! That's enough lingerie bridal shower decoration ideas if we may say so.


Luau Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

If you're not having your shower along the beach, then check out these different bridal shower decoration ideas, since great decoration is the next best thing.

The room where the shower will be held should definitely be bursting with colors, even before your guests come in wearing their colorful shirts.

Make sure that you have room hangings in the shape of pineapples, coconut trees, and colorful birds all over the place. They should either be in your wall or hanging from your ceiling.

For your centerpiece, just get some of those tall plastic glasses, cover them with some paper that will make it appear wood like, and create your own friendly version of a tiki. Complete them by placing assorted colorful flowers inside the glass.

Another centerpiece idea is to fill a glass full of assorted shells. Or if you don't want it to contain just shells, you can fill up a fish bowl with some sand and shells, and you're all set.

In the dining area, decorate the edges of your table with some of those straw skirt, so as to make it appear as if the table is actually wearing one.

For balloons, just ensure that they come in lively and assorted colors.

And when you finally greet your guests, make sure that you greet them with some stringed flowers (leis) so as to really contaminate everybody with the luau fever!




Masquerade Bachelorette Decoration Ideas

We think green, gold, and violet are great colors for your masquerade bachelorette. So make sure you have these tones in abundance, so this means your curtain, rags, carpet, throw pillows, table cloth, etc should come in one of these colors.

But before we go on about how to decorate your room further, we better discuss how the entrance of your party will look like. We don’t know about you, but we love the idea of a shimmery curtain (or something that will pass as a curtain) as your entrance. We love balloon arcs in general and an arc composed of violet and white balloons will be quite fitting on any masquerade event, so we’re pitching that in. You can even make this a balloon ala pillar instead and that should also work well as your party room entrance.

When your guests enter your party room, they should see masks of all shapes, colors and sizes decorating your walls and ceiling. You can even add beads, feathers and other shiny foil materials as your ceiling decorations, to adorn your walls, and any other places where they can be strategically placed.
It’s great that the masked superheroes like Superman, Batman and Spiderman have great physique which makes posters of them very fitting to a masquerade-themed bachelorette party. We love personalized decorations so we’re pitching the idea of the bride to be wearing a mask and some sexy or grand dress. A romantic photo with her masked groom is also worth considering.

For your table decoration, aside from getting a gold tablecloth, we think that a vase of feathers, a vase with a very pretty mask (with stick of course), or a jar full of chocolates with violet, gold, and green foil packaging are great centerpiece ideas. And if you are having a big event that will require you to number your tables, make sure your table number is written in a cardboard in the shape of a mask or just a colored one in either green, violet or gold since that will definitely be a nice theme-based addition.

As usual, our bridal shower decoration ideas won't be complete without some balloons in the picture. We think a mix of violet, white, green and gold balloons will add a lot to the decorations you have so far, so we say go for it!


Mexican Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

To start our Mexican bridal shower decoration ideas, bright colors should surround your shower room so be sure to have orange, reds, pinks, yellows and lime green all over the place. Prepare some banners and make sure they come in these bright colors and hang them in your shower room.

If you have sombreros in all shapes, colors and sizes, it's time to bring them out. If you have posters that showcase some Spanish traditions (fiesta, bull fighting, Spanish movies, etc), you definitely want them to decorate your walls.

For your centerpiece, a sombrero full of flowers is a traditional centerpiece idea. A decorated cactus will also make a nice and easy table decoration and so is a scented candle floating in a margarita glass. But if you want a more unique centerpiece to decorate your tables, we suggest that you commission somebody to decorate two maracas as if they "wear" a suit and a bridal dress. You need to find a vase or a stand for it and voila, you have a unique, creative and very theme-based decoration right there.

You will want very colorful balloons in your Mexican party, but if you prefer balloons shaped like a cactus or a giant chili, those will definitely do a lot to the atmosphere you're aiming for.

Moroccan Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Let us start our Moroccan themed bridal shower decoration ideas by pitching the idea of having a tent to add authenticity, but if you would rather have this in someone’s party room, then decorating the place with bright colors (orange, red, violet, and gold) and the right fabrics (silks, laces, and velvet) will also do the trick.

If you have carpets that have been collecting dust in your basement, it’s time to bring them out. You should also display any antique-looking stuff you have like exotic lamps, since they will add a lot to the atmosphere you’re aiming for. While you’re at it, bring out those throw-pillows that you have stored in your cabinets since we want many, big and brightly colored pillows on your amazing Moroccan shower!

For your centerpiece, an aquarium-like bowl full of water with floating scented candles amidst strewn rose petals will be the best candidate. Some candles in your antique candleholders will also be a very fitting table decoration.

If you love fruit centerpiece ideas, then you will love our next idea - strawberries. There's something about strawberries that makes them welcome to any Moroccan party. Submerge your strawberries in a glass-like vase full of water and that can be your centerpiece right there.

If you didn't like any of those and you prefer an authentic Moroccan centerpiece instead, then just get some Moroccan-designed dish or bowl and fill them with fruits, candies or flowers. That should work nicely as your table decoration.

We always say that any bridal shower decoration ideas need to include some balloons, and that includes your Moroccan party. Anything in orange, violet, red or gold will be cool.

Last but not the least, though not exactly a decoration, we think that the right music can add a lot to your ambiance so there’s nothing like a collection of Moroccan music playing in the background to have everybody in the right mood for your Moroccan shower.


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