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Country Bridal Shower Decoration

Find our country themed bridal shower decoratioing ideas and tips here.


Envelope Bridal Shower Decoration

The simplest way to approach this theme is to choose bride-to-be's favorite color and throw say, a Pink Envelope shower! Of course, your decoration will need to be in pink or shades of red - pink curtains, pink centerpiece, pink balloons!

You can also approach this by decorating the room with letters to the bride, writing materials like parchment and ink, and anything related to writing. We really love the letters to the bride idea, and these need not be secret love letters that she would like to remain private. Ask her friends and relatives, even those not going to the party, to write her a short note and you have instant wishing you well/bride testimonials right there! If she does shed a tear or two, don't worry, we bet she's just overcome with happy emotions!

Another approach is to decorate according to the reason why you're having an envelope shower in the first place. Is she moving to another town or country? Then you might want to consider bridal shower decorations that will represent that place. That should give her a great preview of what to expect when she does move after the wedding.

For your bridal shower decoration centerpiece, you can go for a pink centerpiece - pink rose candles or just pink candles with red or pink rose petals. Another option is to go for a fruit centerpiece and display some yummy looking strawberries (or other fruits which represents bride's favorite color) in some elegant looking glass or bowl.

For a more personalized table decoration, just prepare a memory book of some sort with photos of the bride/couple. Get your guests to write a letter or two to the couple and that book might just become one of the cherished things of the bride-to-be.

Pink balloons or balloons with a cool message will add a nice touch to your envelope shower!


Fall Bridal Shower Decoration

Preparing your fall bridal shower decoration? First step is to ensure that your shower room have the right theme color, in this case, anything of yellow, orange and/gold is just perfect. Swaths of fabric and other materials that come with these hues will help you set the right atmosphere.

Next step is to add tons of fall elements into the picture. As we said, orange is one of the fall colors, so don’t be surprised if your shower room will be dominated with lots of oranges, starting with orange throw pillows if you have some (anything in yellow or gold is also good).  A clothesline with different orange and black lingerie and undies will be great additions so we’re pitching that in. If you don’t happen to have them, you might want to borrow from friends and family since they will really do a lot to your shower decorations. If you belong with those people who thinks anything in orange is not cool, then just decorate any lingerie you have with the right fall designs, and that should work as well.

We also think that pictures of sexy men wearing nothing but orange will be great wall decorations. So are posters of women wearing something sexy and witchy. But if you didn’t find anything which fits this description, any picture that reminds you of fall is the next best thing.  This can be a selection of the latest Fall fashion or pictures of pumpkins, grapes, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the like.

For your centerpiece, we think that a pumpkin candle holder is a good candidate. Basically, this is just a pumpkin with its top carved off so that a candle can be made to stand on it. If your carving is not quite perfect, we think that ribbons and flowers can be added to cover imperfections, if any.

Any orange flower in a used wine bottle is another easy centerpiece idea. So is a shallow dish with water and an orange floating candle. You can even add an orange ribbon in the former and some leaves in the latter if you think they need more pizzazz.

Given that autumn is a harvest season, using edible centerpiece instead of decorative ones is also quite fitting. You can make your life easier by just getting some fall fruits (eg. Apple) or something that comes with the right orange color, submerge them in a transparent vase/jug full of water, and voila, you have an instant centerpiece right there.  We saw some caramelized apple “dressed” like a bride and we think that’s amazing, so we’re pitching it in. We also love cupcakes in a cake stand as a centerpiece, since they will not just  make your table look pretty, your guests can even satisfy their sweet tooth in the process. We think this is a great addition to your bridal shower decoration, if we may say so.

Lastly, what’s a party without some balloons to complete the picture? If you decided to go for balloons, make sure they come in orange, yellow, gold and some black and you’re all set for your best fall party yet!


Garden Bridal Shower Decoration

If you're having a garden bridal shower, having it in someone's garden will make your bridal shower decoration half complete already. A garden full of blooming flowers is definitely preferable to a bare one.

You have many options for your centerpiece. Flowers vased in a flower pot, a beautiful vase, or in a watering can is an obvious choice, and will compliment your surroundings. Some of those short bamboo stalks will also make you a nice centerpiece, and the best thing is, they're supposed to bring you luck!

Fruits submerged in a see-through glass full of water will also make a refreshing centerpiece. Citrus fruits are perfect for these, so go grab some lemons and oranges if you like this centerpiece option.

For balloons, you can opt to just get green, pink, or yellow ones or choose some balloons which come in special flower shapes. Either will be cool additions to your theme-based garden bridal shower.


Golf Bridal Shower Decoration

Having your shower on someone’s garden, may it be someone’s house or the clubhouse’s garden, is the natural choice if you’re throwing a golf bridal shower. But if it’s too hot to stay outside, then a location wherein the “greens” is very much in view is the next best thing.

Holding this outdoors means you will have a nice place for your mini golf course, which can be the extent of your bridal shower decoration efforts. But if you think you need more, then you might want to consider pictures of guys showing their hot bod and wearing nothing but green or white shorts. If you want this to be more demure, then hot guys doing their best golf stance will be the next best thing.

But if you decided to have this indoors, then you need to compensate by adding lots of green and whites in the picture. You can achieve this by having your curtain, throw pillows, carpet, cloths/paper decorating your ceiling to be either in green, white or a mix of the two.

For your table decoration, fresh and not necessarily green, are the candidate for your table centerpieces. This can be your favorite blossoms in a used wine bottle. Or fruits, green fruits in particular, submerged in a jar full of water. No idea on what fruit to use? You might want to check out limes since it’s a good green fruit candidate.

Edible centerpieces are usually good candidates because aside from being a colorful table decoration, they will also give your guests something to munch on. Candies like green M&Ms in a shallow dish and other similar round candies are worth considering. Of course you can just get some golf candies since golf candies in a golf shower- just perfect!

You can also add some golf flags in the middle of your table. It depends on how big your event is, but if you need to number some tables to better organize your guests, then make those numbered golf flags and that should do the trick.

We love balloons and we think a party won’t be complete without them, so if you’re of the same mind, then be sure to get some white balloons to complete your party atmosphere. If you’re having this inside, then you might want to mix some green balloons, since you definitely want tons of green color in your golf bridal shower decoration.


Green Bridal Shower Decoration

Decorating for your green shower? You can choose not to decorate at all and leave everything to Mother Nature, meaning just ask one of bride to be’s friends to let you borrow her garden for the shower. But if you still think some bridal shower decorations is necessary, just limit your decorations to something fresh, borrowed and/or recycled.

If you are having this indoor, then you must make sure your party room have lots of GREENs. Curtains with green accents, throw pillows of the same, carpets, and so on.  If you don’t have a stash of green stuff in your cupboards, then be sure to ask around since we’re pretty sure one of bride-to-be’s friends will have a bunch or two of green items.

Want some pictures of a guy with a hunky bod? There are lots of them from the Internet, and many of them are FREE. Just print them in used papers/cards if you feel these are necessary to add to your bridal shower atmosphere. If you know a friend or two with a stash of sexy lingerie, you can just borrow some, since that will definitely add the right something in your shower.  If you know of someone who recently had a shower, be sure to ask her if you can borrow some of the stuff, since that will add a lot to your bridal shower decorations, and the best thing is, it will be FREE!

Flowers picked from your neighbor or friend’s garden is something you can use for your table decoration, but of course a bunch of fresh fruits submerged in a jar of water will also do the trick. If you think your fruits will be better showcased in a basket or some decorative bowl, that will also be fine.

We are great believers of balloons on parties and showers, but leaving it out on a green bridal shower is a MUST. If you are looking for a great alternative, then be sure to check out some Japanese paper balloons since they are the more earth-friendly versions.

Now who says you can’t have a shower and show your environment love at the same time?!




Halloween Bridal Shower Decoration

Black and orange are the typical colors for any Halloween party and it will not be any different on your Halloween bridal shower.

But since this is still a bridal shower albeit in Halloween theme, going for the cute variety instead of the gory side of Halloween is the way to go. So this means decorating your rooms with corpse bride and her groom, pictures of Mr. and Mrs Addams, handsome vampire or a pretty witch are more appropriate than say scary-looking ghosts or Mr. Frankenstein.

Pretty-looking pumpkins, cute witch and warlocks on broomsticks, a cauldron, candies, and some cobwebs here and there are also worthy additions for your Halloween bridal shower decoration.

For your centerpiece, we think that candy corns in margarita glasses are worth considering and so are antique-looking candelabras (something that will not look out of place on a haunted house). But if you want a really creative centerpiece, then a pumpkin candle holder might be more to your taste. The idea here is to remove the stem and enough part of the pumpkin so you can sit the candle there securely. Just add some flowers and such to cover imperfections, if any.

To wrap up your decoration, you can just choose to get some black, orange and/or white balloons to surround your party room. That should complement all the other bridal shower decorations you have prepared so far.


Honeymoon Bridal Shower Decoration

Photos that reminds you of common honeymoon destinations must be seen all over your shower room. Remote white sand beach photos, pictures of tropical islands and a good shot of a big and wonderful cruise ship, those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Pictures of couples enjoying their trip together are very welcome as well.

For your table centerpiece, a fish bowl full of water, sand and shells will surely represent a good beach honeymoon. Place some floating candles to make it a notch more romantic.

How about some coconut husk as a centerpiece? Be sure to fill it with water and strew some colorful flower petals in it. Complete this pretty picture with some tealight candles.

Photos related to the couple's honeymoon destination will work as a centerpiece as well, and will be a great way to share this romantic tidbit to the rest of the guests.

To wrap your bridal shower decoration up, order some colorful balloons to celebrate the upcoming wedding and honeymoon of the soon to be Mr and Mrs!


Jungle Bachelorette Party Decoration

You should have lots of greens and browns in your party room. Some trees and vines here and there will not be amiss.

Since this is a jungle party, be sure to include some cute stuff toys on those trees. Some monkey stuff toys are definitely great additions!

If you have movie posters of Tarzan and Jane, Simba and Nala, and other similar movies that combines jungle theme and your favorite couple together, this is the perfect time to bring them out since they're needed for your party decoration. Posters of real jungle animal couples are also worth considering. Other nature posters will work as well.

We also think that a live male model wearing a sexy loincloth will be a naughty and sexy addition to any bachelorette party. However, getting posters of sexy men in their loincloth (and maybe some sexy women wearing similar attire) will be a great alternative if you don't like almost-nude men on this special day.

For your centerpiece, we think that a nest with some exotic-looking eggs will be a fitting centerpiece (cool if you can get ostrich eggs, if not, we think that Chinese tea (chicken) eggs will be a worthy alternative).

Another centerpiece idea is to use some wine bottles to showcase a bunch of wildflowers. Tying a tiger-printed fabric like a ribbon around your wine bottle will be cool. If you want it way better, we think that adding a teddy bear in the picture will be quite amazing.

We absolutely love caramelized apples as a centerpiece so we’re pitching that in. And to ensure that they fit just right on your jungle bachelorette party, decorate each apple to have some spots to appear like a cheetah or a leopard or maybe some stripes of a tiger or a zebra. You can even replace the apples with cupcakes displayed in a cake stand of some sort and that will also work neatly with what you have prepared so far.

For balloons, you can either get some animal-shaped balloons or just get some ordinary-shaped ones that comes with special leopard, cheetah, zebra, or tiger prints. Now you’re ready for your wild bachelorette party!


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