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Animal Lovers Bridal Shower Decorations

We don’t have specific hues to suggest since we think going for shades that you can associate with bride-to-be’s beloved pet is the way to go. Once you have the right colors in place, be sure to add  lots of paw prints and cut-outs in all shapes and sizes - bone cut-outs if the bride loves dogs, cat cut-outs if she prefers the feline variety, and so on.

Blown-up pictures of the couple of the hour with their favorite pets are also very welcome. So are pictures of your guests and their beloved animals.

There are also lots of popular pets (some even get to star on popular movies!) so posters that  feature these wonder dogs and cats are fitting on an animal lovers shower. No idea where to start? How about Lady and the Tramp, the super cute Puss in Boots from Shrek, 101 Dalmatians, just to name a few. A picture of famous personalities like Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell and the like are also worth considering.

No idea where to start? We found this list of famous dogs and cats that you might want to look at.

As for your table decoration, we love the idea of a wine bottle with flowers, with a stuff dog or cat attached. You can even add some ribbon with paw prints in the picture to make that idea way greater.

Another cool centerpiece idea is to showcase some floating candles in a dog or cat dish. Adding some flower petals in the picture will be quite cool.

If you, like us, love the idea of edible centerpieces, then you can go for either colorful cookies in bone shape placed in a shallow dish or cupcakes with paw print icings or cupcakes ala Dalmatians in a cake stand of some sort.  Either will work well with the other things you have prepared so far.

We think that a party can’t be complete without balloons so grab some balloons with animal paw prints and complete your bridal shower decoration!


Around The Clock Bridal Shower Decorations

For an Around The Clock shower, TIME is the essence. Anything related to time will be a great addition to your shower decoration. Different types of time pieces - cuckoo clocks, grandfather clock, alarm clock wrist watch, etc are just the tip of the iceberg. Time here can be related to the four different seasons, different time of the day (breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner), special occasions (BBQ time, Beach time, Dating time...), or to personalize it, the noteworthy times in bride and/or the groom's life. Photos of the couple's life milestones will be fantastic for any bridal shower!

If you still want a different idea, how about making your decoration about the country from different time zones? That will suit your chosen theme as well.

We love candles in our centerpiece, and luckily, there are many special shaped candles that will just be perfect. Flowers and fruits for spring, sun, sand and anything related to the beach for summer, fallen leaves for autumn and a snowflake or snowman candle for winter.

Photos of the bride and/or the groom is also a great centerpiece idea. You can ask bride-to-be to choose a photo that represents a favorite time of her life and make that the center of each table.

Complete your party with balloons which comes in shapes or colors that represents Father TIME, and you're all set!


Asian Bachelorette Party Decorations

Red and yellow gold are the colors you want to dominate your party room if you're having an Asian bachelorette party. Your room decoration should include chopsticks, take-out boxes, dragon cut-outs or pictures, Chinese or Japanese lanterns, origami folded in all shapes and sizes, and red Chinese envelopes, just to name a few.

You also have lots of options for your centerpiece. You can either go for a bunch of flowers in a Chinese vase, or just place some take-out boxes full of fortune cookies instead. Some of those lucky bamboo plants will also work as your Asian table decoration, and so will red candles and Asian spoons with candies lined up in a porcelain plate.

A party won’t be complete without balloons and for your Asian party, you can choose to get some balloons that are bunched together to look like a dragon. However, if you think that is too fancy, getting balloons in red and white should also do the trick. Those should work nicely with the other things you have prepared so far.




Beach Bridal Shower Decorations

The cool thing about this theme and having it along the beach is that you have instant bridal shower decoration and ambiance right there!

Having your guests in the right attire will also accentuate the beach feel you're aiming for, so get them to wear their sunglasses, sombreros, shorts, swimsuits, and the like.

A bowl with sand and assorted shells will make you a pretty centerpiece. If that doesn't please you, a glass full of shells might just do the trick. Or better yet, just fill a classy vase full of colorful flowers and you're all set.

Complete the beach ambiance by getting some special-shaped balloons. Anything that comes in palm tree shape, beach ball, or flamingo is just perfect!


Christian Bridal Shower Decorations

Surrounding the room with different symbols found in the bible will be a good start for your Christian bridal shower decoration. Whether it is to decorate your walls or ceiling, doves, lamb, rainbow, angels, stars, etc will add to the atmosphere you're aiming for.

For your centerpiece, candles in those antique-looking candlesticks will be a good choice. Some cute-looking angel figurines will also do the trick.

But if you're more inclined to prepare something edible for your centerpiece, you can just serve some candies in a wine glass. Some grapes and wine can also make you a fitting centerpiece for your Christian shower.

Though not exactly something you place out there as decoration, the right sound will add a lot to the atmosphere you're aiming for so be sure to play some of your favorite Christian music during the party.

To wrap up your decoration, you can just choose white balloons to surround your party room. That should give your Christian shower a nice touch if we may say so.


Christmas Bridal Shower Decorations

The cool thing about decorating for any Christmas party is that there are lots of Christmas elements that you can play with. But since this is a Christmas bridal shower, you need to be a step more creative to marry the right Christmas elements to some bridal shower aspects.

You can start by bringing out your favorite Christmas decorations, which can include your Christmas trees, stockings in all colors, mistletoes, Christmas lights, snowflakes, decorative balls, gift-wrapped boxes, and the like. But since this is also a bridal shower, your Christmas tree can be a tree with sexy undies decorating each branch, your stockings can contain boxes of condoms and sexy toys, pictures of sexy ladies and gentlemen decorating your balls, and so on. There are also lots of men and women wearing sexy Santa or elf costumes that are just a few google away, so you might want to download some for decoration purposes. Of course, you can just ask the bride and groom to pose as Santa and his sexy elf and use that as your wall decoration to make things more personal. We don’t know about you but we love that idea so it will be quite cool if you can include it.

For your centerpiece, you can have a small tree decorated with (plastic) wedding rings, a shiny condom package if you are up to being a wee bit naughty, and of course pictures of sexy Santas and his merry elves. We also think that Christmas balls decorated with bridal shower elements in a cake stand of some sort are quite cool. Have each ball wear Santa’s hat to make it way better.

Stacked gift-wrapped boxes as your centerpiece is also worth looking at. Last but not the least, we think that a photo of the bride to be sitting in Santa’s lap (who is really the groom to be) will be quite amazing.

Lastly, what’s a party without some balloons to complete the picture? If you decided to go for balloons, make sure they come in green, red and white to complement all your other Christmas bridal shower decorations.


Coed Bridal Shower Decorations

We are beefing up our bridal shower decorations, and you can find more couple-themed bridal shower decoration ideas and printables here.


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