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Country Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Think of the latest picnic you’ve joined since that will be the basis of your country themed bridal shower food ideas.

This means your typical fare of fried or grilled chicken, cold sandwiches, cold noodles, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, fresh fruits, and other cold desserts are very welcome.

Another approach to your country-themed shower is to prepare some dishes and delicacies that belong to the bride to be’s list of comfort foods. It can also be popular favorites from bride to be’s favorite countryside.

We don’t know if your guests will be agreeable to this idea, but you can make this into a potluck, just provide a guide on what kind of food/cuisine should they focus on, and assign each guest to a specific food area. The great thing about this is that you can expect a nice variety, and if your guests are willing to write the recipe of their prepared food, those can also be added to bride to be’s ever-growing recipe list.

If you decided to add the Berry Sweet activity, then you might not even need to prepare any dessert, since we bet you will have lots of sweets from said activity. But if you are not comfortable about this, then why not get or make your own very berry pastry?

You can serve fresh fruit juice or shake to complement the food you’ve prepared. If the bride to be would love to have more pizzazz to your drink, there are lots of good cocktail recipes that feature fruit as one of the main ingredients (Apple Martini anyone?) so just google a recipe or two. You can still serve soda , other non-fruit and non-alcoholic drinks since we bet there will be some who prefer to remain sober all throughout the event, but whether they’re tipsy or not, we bet a cup of coffee will be very much appreciated, so be sure to prepare some of this wonderful brew, which you can prepare iced or hot, depending on when and where you’re having said shower. That should be a nice conclusion to your wonderful meal, and should be a nice conclusion of your country bridal shower food ideas.


Envelope Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Have you decided to throw a Pink Envelope Shower? Then everything should be in pink (or shades of red), down to the dishes you're serving. No idea where to start? Read on to get the rest of our bridal shower food ideas.

Tomato-based pasta dishes are definitely in, so are roasted red peppers, red tortilla chips with tomato-based salsa, buffalo wings (in orange red coating), and so on.

Pies are a must on any envelope bridal shower, may it be pink or not. If you don't like pies, any dishes wherein the heart of the dish is enveloped or is inside a container (eg. Dumplings, egg rolls, ravioli) will be great!

You can also approach this by serving delicacies of the town/country that the couple are moving to (assuming that's the reason you're throwing her an envelope shower). That should give her an idea of what dishes to look forward to on her future home.

Want some Pink Punch? comes with some great punch recipes.


Fall Bridal Shower Food Ideas

If you decided to play the cooking game we recommended, then you might not even need to prepare a lot here since you will have tons of goodies from that activity. However, if you still prefer to serve a dish or two, you can find some great fall menu ideas here. And with lots of fruits and veggies thriving or being harvested during autumn, lack of food choices is the least of your problem if you’re throwing a fall bridal shower.

Serving dishes that includes pumpkin, corn, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, eggplant and other fall veggies as one of the major ingredients are very welcome on any fall shower. So are cranberries, grapes, or apples for your dessert.

Another approach on your shower food is to serve dishes that are popularly served during Thanksgiving. This means roast turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean salad, corn on cob, apple pie, pumpkin pie and the like are also part of your menu candidates.

There’s really no rule that says you need to pick one approach over the other, so if you think a combination of the two will please your and your guests’ palate better, then you must go for it.

For your cake, you can go for something shaped like an acorn or maple leaf and that will work well with the other stuff you have prepared. But if you would rather have a regular-shaped cake, just “decorate” it with leaves or with orange or yellow icings and you’ll be fine.

And to complete our bridal shower food ideas, although pumpkin juice is still the official drink of this theme, any fall fruit juice or punch will work as well. And if you think your friends will prefer some zing in their drinks, there are lots of pumpkin and apple punch recipes that will give the right “kick” and they’re just a few google away.


Garden Bridal Shower Food Ideas

To start your garden bridal shower food ideas, fruits and veggies should be the superstars of your garden shower menu. However any green dishes will also be very welcome.

Gardens are popular settings of tea parties and we don't see any reason why you can't have a garden ala tea party bridal shower as well. Jasmine and chrysanthemum tea are two of the more popular flower-based teas and will be very fitting additions to your garden bridal shower repertoire. They'll be wonderful whether you serve them hot or cold.

You will also not have any problems with what cake to serve. Serve anything wherein fruit is one of the major ingredient of your cake and it will fit very well to your chosen theme.

And lastly, your punch can be very fruity or leafy. There are lots of fruit punch recipes and there's one or two about a tea punch as well, and they're just a few search away.




Golf Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Eat healthy, that is how you should plan your golf-themed shower menu. The good news is, eating healthy nowadays doesn’t necessarily mean eating tasteless food. Since most people are more health conscious nowadays, you wouldn’t have any problem finding the right caterer (or recipes) to suit your needs. If you’re going for this approach, expect to serve lovely salads, tasty vegetable soup, and maybe some grilled fish or your favorite grilled meat, which you can serve as is or as a sandwich. The cool thing about going for healthy food means serving lots of food in green color, which makes them extra perfect for your golf shower!

We also think serving round appetizers/snacks and dessert will be great additions. These can include (but are not limited to) meatballs, round cheeses, devilled eggs, crab cakes, and of course some mini cupcakes, cookies, round tarts and so on. If you’re up to it, you can even use golf tees (make sure they’re clean) to present these food instead of using your usual toothpicks and forks.

For your cake, a cake with decorated to look like a golf course is something you can consider. But if you’re baking from scratch and you think that’s too complex, then a cake with enough green accent should also do the trick.

Give a toast to the bride to be with some wine and other 19th hole favorite. Be sure to serve some coffee or tea, which should make a nice conclusion to that wonderful shower meal. That should take care of your golf themed bridal shower food ideas.


Green Bridal Shower Food Ideas

If you added the Leftovers activity we suggested, then you might not even need to prepare anything here, since we have great faith that your guests will be able to rise up to your food challenge.

But if you will be more comfortable preparing something, then make sure you prepare food that are quite simple to prepare yet healthy, and the ingredients and food preparation should be eco-friendly.

Fresh and organic ingredients are a MUST when preparing what dish to serve for any green party. And the less food preparation involved (less energy used), the better. This means that sushi are great candidates on such parties, and so are salads, cocktail shrimps and so on. But since not everyone can appreciate such dishes, we think that as long as you have the right ingredients, dishes that can be prepared in the shortest time possible should be considered. Broiled meat or fish with roasted potato, vegetable soup using ingredients with less fat, steam dumplings, and so on, are just a few examples. Although pastas and other dishes which involves processed ingredients are less likely candidates, if the bride-to-be loves them, be sure to serve some since this is not just any green party, it is the bride-to-be’s day, and she must enjoy this special day.

Although fresh fruits are very much recommended for your dessert, if you or the bride-to-be feels that a party without a cake is not complete, then be sure to serve some. Just choose cakes where ingredients and preparation time is cost-effective and that will be a good candidate for your green shower. Cakes with fruits and nuts for ingredients are definitely preferable so you can consider that.

Some fresh fruit juice will make a nice and healthy conclusion to your wonderful meal, but if you need to prepare some cocktails, make sure they are made of organic booze and fruits and you will be fine. No idea how? Just type in eco friendly cocktails in Google and you’ll get your hands on tons tips on how to do eco-drinking, as they call it.

These bridal shower food ideas should arm you with what food and drinks to prepare for your green bridal shower. But being eco-friendly doesn’t end  on the food you prepare. Making use of reusable plates, spoons, forks, tablecloth, napkins and so on is a MUST for any green party to be really eco-friendly so we say go for it!


Halloween Bridal Shower Food Ideas

To start our bridal shower food ideas, your menu will be dominated by lots of pumpkin dishes, from your appetizers to your Halloween beverages. You could start with some pumpkin soup, and end with some pumpkin pie, with pumpkin juice or some pumpkin punch to wash everything down. If that's too much pumpkin to your taste, don't worry, you'll not be limited to pumpkin dishes if you're throwing a Halloween shower.

Another way to approach your Halloween shower menu is by preparing dishes with the right Halloween color (anything in orange and/or black are welcome). So this means squid ink pasta and orange chicken are definitely in.

Another option is to "decorate" your dishes properly so they will have the necessary Halloween touch. A casserole served in a pumpkin husk will be a great addition to your Halloween shower! Cupcakes that look like a mummy or some other "scary" Halloween character will be welcome to your table as well. Those should give you lots of ideas on what to serve on this special and seasonal shower.

If you want to go beyond the ideas mentioned above, we found this Halloween party menu that you might want to look at.


Honeymoon Bridal Shower Food Ideas

These bridal shower food ideas should help you on your approach for your honeymoon bridal shower menu.

One is to serve specialties or any dishes that reminds you of the couple's honeymoon destination. This can be any fare with coconut and pineapple if the couple is to going to Hawaii, Chinese or Japanese dishes if the couple is to go somewhere in Asia, and so on.

Another approach is to pick some general destination types or themes like the beach and cruises and serve anything that represents it - so on this case, anything seafood will be fitting.

And to make your dishes top notch, you can serve your food in tiki leaves or airplane-like lunch boxes if the couple is going to Hawaii or they're traveling by plane. Pineapple and coconut husks can also replace the tiki leaves idea if you prefer them.

As for your cake, anything with tropical fruits will make you a very theme-based cake. If you prefer special-shaped ones, a suitcase, airplane or cruise ship-shaped cake is very honeymoon-like.

And to complete our bridal shower food ideas, preparing some fruit juice or fruit punch to wash everything down will be a good addition to any honeymoon bridal shower meal.


Jungle Bachelorette Party Menu

Fruits and meat dishes will be an integral part of your jungle bachelorette party menu. You can start with fruits that are normally consumed by some jungle animals - bananas, apples, peaches, kiwis, berries, just to name a few. Your meat dishes can be composed of popular game meats like turkey, deer, duck, rabbits, etc. You can turn them into fruit or meat kabobs, an appetizer or two, a gourmet sandwich or an entree.

Another approach to your jungle party menu is to give your food some jungle-like names. Wild venison sandwich, tropical fruit salad, fruit safari are just a few examples. But if you want to go beyond these, we found this safari party menu that you might want to look at.

For your dessert, you can just serve fresh fruits or make some cakes wherein fruit(s) is part of the ingredients. That should give you something that will satisfy both your guests' sweet tooth and your chosen theme.

And lastly, you can serve tropical fruit punch to wash everything down. If you think your guests will want drinks with more zing, then be sure to spike it with rum before you serve it. Don't worry about getting tipsy, since that's pretty normal on any bachelorette party!


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