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Animal Lovers Bridal Shower Food Ideas

To throw a perfect animal lovers shower, your theme must be everywhere, even down to your bridal shower food. And one approach to do this is to serve dishes that one associates to the bride-to-be’s favorite pet. This can mean starting with some yummy hush puppies, paw-shaped ravioli, bone-shaped cookies, cupcakes ala Dalmatian (spotted cupcakes) and so on.

If her favorite pet is a dog ,we think that going for dishes which involves lot of bones is one way to go, while serving lots of (cat)fish dishes if she prefers the feline variety. Some hotdogs with marshmallow will be great additions as well if she adores man’s best friend.

If you want to be a wee bit naughty, you might want to consider serving what we call a Boner Pasta. If you’re wondering what this is all about, just go to popular bachelorette or bridal shower stores and get some of their naughty-shaped pasta. Serve them with your favorite pasta sauce and voila, Boner Pasta.

For your cake, a plain cake with a giant paw print icing or a picture cake that showcase the bride-to-be with her beloved pet are worth considering.

As for your punch, how about serving coon-dog punch? Recipes are scattered around the internet and they’re just a few clicks away.


Around The Clock Bridal Shower Food Ideas

This is a very interesting theme as far as we're concern, since there are really many ways to approach it, even on the bridal shower food.

You can choose to serve a course that normally appears on different times of the day - some fritata to represent breakfast, scones for tea time, and the like. Or let your chosen special time like BBQ time, beach time and such dictate the dishes you're serving.

Making this a potluck thing by asking your guests to bring dishes or drinks that they usually prepare during times when they're celebrating something is also a cool idea and will make this bridal shower one heck of a celebration.

If you like the around the time zone idea, you can choose to serve dishes that represents countries from different time zones. Serving some delicacies from Asia, USA, Europe will definitely give you a lot of choices.

You can serve everything using plates and utensils that represents the 4 seasons so as to highlight your chosen theme in every bite.

A four seasons punch is definitely a great drink candidate. But if you want more drinks to choose from, there are great spring, summer, autumn and even hot punch for winter choices. Dozens of recipes available and they're just one google away!


Asian Bachelorette Party Food

If you're having an Asian party, you will most likely decide between Chinese or Japanese dishes. If you’re leaning on Chinese, then stick to dimsums if you want something light, or if you want something heavier, choosing popular dishes like sweet and sour pork, kung pao chicken, and eggroll will do. Makis, katsudon, tempura, and chicken teriyaki are some of the popular options if you’re going for Japanese.

Be sure to prepare some bowl and chopsticks that your guests can use. That should add a lot to the Asian theme you are aiming for. Serving Chinese and Japanese tea to wash everything down will also be great additions.

For dessert, we highly recommend going for the healthier option and just serve fresh fruits. And since you're having an Asian-themed party, be sure to include a dragon fruit or two.

For your cake, you can choose between a cake shaped like a giant fortune cookie or a cake with some Chinese design (eg. Dragon). Both are believed to bring luck, and who wouldn’t want some luck on their party?!

Lastly, you can choose to serve punch or not. Dragon punch is definitely THE punch for an oriental party! Dragon punch is basically any red punch that you feel your guests will prefer. Enjoy!




Beach Bridal Shower Food Ideas

To start your bridal shower food preparation, you can go for barbecue meat or seafood, or just serve fried chicken to make things simple. Compliment your main dish with some salad like coleslaw or potato salad. Some chips with salsa and nuts will also be a great addition.

If you are up to it, you can serve your dishes in pineapple or coconut husks. That should bring your themed party to the next level.

For your cake, any cake that includes pineapple as its main ingredient will be a good candidate. From the more simple pineapple cake to pineapple upside-down cake, those will really be neat. Or better yet, just serve some fresh fruit, which will be a refreshing conclusion to your shower meal.

What's a party without a good drink or two? You can still go for refreshing drinks like fruits shake or fruit punch, but if you would rather serve some alcohol, beer, wine or your favorite cocktail drinks will also be fine.


Christian Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Bread, cheese, and wine must be part of any Christian bridal shower food, since they're the more popular fare in the bible. Any kind of stew that can go with your bread is also welcome.

Fruits, especially dried ones, should also be present and will make a nice snack for everybody. Apples and grapes are the more popular fruits, but we don't see why you should only be limited to these. Almonds and pistachios are also part of your snack options.

Cucumber and/or lentil salads are fitting additions to your Christian bridal shower meal and will serve as a good starter. Dishes with quail, chicken, lamb or deer can serve as your main course.

As for your cake, anything with the above-mentioned components as its main ingredient will be fitting. An angel cake or any cake that will come in white is also another approach to your theme-based cake.

We already mentioned that wine should be served. But if that doesn't quite quench your guests' thirsts, serving any fruit drink or punch will be great as well.


Christmas Bridal Shower Food Ideas

If you decided to play the cooking game we recommended, then you might not even need to prepare a lot here since you will have tons of goodies from that particular activity. However, we listed some great ideas on this page just in case you still want to prepare a dish or two. And with lots of fruits and veggies thriving or being harvested during winter season, lack of bridal shower food choices is not going to be a problem if you’re going for this particular shower theme.

Serving dishes that include bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, snow peas and other winter veggies as one of the major ingredients are very welcome on any Christmas shower. So are cranberries, grapes, or banana, whether you want to serve them in their natural state or as part of your prepared dessert.

Another approach on your wedding food is to prepare dishes that are popularly served during Christmas affairs. This means your traditional turkey or ham, mince pie, mashed potatoes, apple pie, and the like can be part of your menu candidates.

And lastly, there’s nothing like some comfort food to help you bear this cold season so make sure you confer with the bride to be about her favorite comfort foods so that they’ll be part of your shower menu.

There’s really no rule that says you need to pick one approach over the other, so if you think a combination of these ideas will please your guests’ palate better, then you must go for it.

For your cake, you can go for one shaped like a Christmas gift or a snowman cake if that’s more to the bride’s taste. Whether you go for a typical fruit cake or just a traditional sponge cake, something shaped like one of the popular Christmas elements will make your cake a wonderful and theme-based addition to what you have prepared so far.  

And lastly, although serving hot apple cider or eggnog might satisfy some of your guests’ thirst, there’s nothing like a drink with a dash of alcohol to help one be merrier during this cold season, which is just fitting since you’re having a double celebration!


Coed Bridal Shower Food Ideas

The couple's favorite dishes should be part of the bridal shower food. You can opt to just get the couple's preference and have them prepared/ordered. Or you can make this a potluck and ask the other couples to bring these and their favorite dish as well. That should add some variety to your bridal shower menu.

Another way to approach a couple bridal shower menu is to serve everything by twos. A couple of sushi, two dimsum, spaghetti w/ two meatballs, etc. You can also just serve your dishes on a single plate wherein the couple need to share the plate to eat their fill.

Choose a cake that is popular with the soon to be bride and groom. You can also serve cookies shaped like two hearts or some cupcakes with similar design. That should satisfy the sweet tooth of your guests.

And lastly, choose a punch that you think the couple will really enjoy. Serve everything in a big jar/bowl/glass and put a couple of straws. We don't know about you, but we find sharing bridal shower food or drink romantic, and that will be just perfect for your coed bridal shower.


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