We Found Some Bridal Shower Game Fall Ideas That You Might Want to Check Out!

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Bridal Shower Game FALL Ideas


Winners: You'll need several gifts for this game, at least 3 for every 10 guests.
Players: unlimited
Time: 10 minutes

Gift passing game will have everyone listening for you to say right or left while you read about Little Lefty Wright's chores left undone. 

Winners: 1 - 3
Players: unlimited
Time: 10 minutes

Perfect for a Harvest Party! This Bingo Game includes Harvest items. Second and third versions included which allows you to customize the game and choose your own words or have blank squares!

Winners: 1
Players: unlimited
Time: 8 minutes

This isn't just for kids! Everyone will want to compete to answer these trivia questions about turkeys. See if your guests know the answers to these outlandish - and surprising - facts. Great for all ages! Two versions included.

Winners: 1
Players: unlimited
Time: 5-10 minutes

Halloween riddles will keep 'em laughing - and they'll have so much fun trying to solve these riddles, players will want to play again! Includes two different game versions to make the fun last even longer.

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Other Bridal Shower Games

In this game, what you don't say is just as important as what you do say! Guests play in teams to try and guess wedding related words as their teammates shout clues. But don't say the wrong clue - or your team loses out!

Divide into teams of 2-4. Each team takes turns to earn a point. The hostess will give one team member a taboo card. The word on top is the word their team needs to guess in 60 seconds or less. Below are words you cannot use when trying to get them to guess it.

Winners: 1
Players: unlimited
Time: 10 minutes

Players receive a games sheet and try to answer questions about the Bride (or Groom) while the Bride (or Groom) fills out the answer sheet with the correct answers.

Time to play: 5-8 minutes
Players: Unlimited
Winners: At least 3 for every 10 guests

This is a hilarious gift passing game that will have everyone scrambling as they listen for you to say right or left while you read about Mr. Wright and his bride to be.


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