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Be sure to check out our instructions for our bridal shower game templates for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

The bridal shower game template you will find here is the bingo kind, one that is designed for bridal showers in general because we singled out words that are related to bridal showers and getting married as part of this bingo’s word list. Now if you are throwing a theme-based shower wherein a different word list is needed to be part of your bridal shower bingo template, you might want to look into our bridal shower games main page, since the game on this page is just one of our many bingo games, and we have some others which comes with a different theme-based twist. And you never know, we  just might have something specific to your chosen theme. Of course it’s not a problem if you do decide to make use of the bridal shower game template on this page since as already shared above, this is all about getting married so is expected to work on all types of showers. Now if you have settled on this game, this is where you can find the rest of our bridal shower game templates aka bingo cards.




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How to get our bridal shower game template:

The bridal shower game template you will find here, as well as on our other similar pages, are all saved as JPEG files, which means you can easily get them the same way you get other images from the net, wherein a simple right click on the image you want, choosing to save the file, and following succeeding instructions will ensure that you can get our game cards downloaded. Just keep in mind where you saved these bridal shower game templates since of course you will need to open and print them if you do decide to use this for her bridal shower.

And since we’re pretty sure you will need more than the one card found on this page, you will need to navigate back to our main bingo game page and visit pages similar to this wherein you will need to repeat the image-saving process stated above. Repeat this process until you reach the right number of game cards, which should match the number of players you will have for this bridal shower game.

More bridal shower game templates and other ideas:

Although not explicitly tagged as bridal shower games primarily because they are the naughtier and sexier versions, our bachelorette party games also come with printable games that you might want to consider if you are focusing on games that will be played by your guests without leaving their seats. They are sexier and naughtier, which can set some kind of tone on her bridal shower, so just confirm with the bride to be if she is fine with this. But please take note that we did make sure that these games are not downright dirty, so we say you check these bachelorette games for yourself and see if this will work for her bridal shower.

And although we know you explicitly searched for bridal shower game template, which might imply that you prefer games of the printable kind, we would just like to pitch the idea of going for a mix approach, since we think active and more physical games have their purpose and can also bring in the right kind of buzz and excitement on any party. But of course we do understand that a purely physical game list of activities might also not be a great idea since we bet your guests can do with a breather between games, hence the mix approach - combination of active and pen-paper games, that we are pitching.

And if you are interested enough to check them out, you will need to go to our main bridal shower games and bachelorette games pages. Our top section contains our printable games, while right below, you will find our more physical games. And if you are throwing her a theme-based shower, our bridal shower theme ideas also come with game ideas with a twist related to your chosen theme, and those are worth checking out as well. That should give you tons of bridal shower games already.


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