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We injected the right kitchen or cooking twist to this particular game, which makes it a nice addition to your list of shower activities for your kitchen or cooking themed bridal shower. This is a bingo game which features names of different spices and herbs as part of its word list, so instead of calling out numbers or even words related to general bridal shower stuff, the host will be calling out names of spices and herbs, and Fenugreek, Costmary and Rosemary are just a few examples.

As with other bingo games, our Love Spice bingo is also perfect for big grouped showers, so if you are looking for such bridal shower games and activities, then this is something you can consider. Although there’s only two game cards found on this page, we have more bingo cards and they are all available on our bridal shower games and activities main page.

And if you are not particular to kitchen or cooking themed games, then we would like to pitch the idea of checking our bridal shower games main page, which contains tons of different bridal shower games and activities, from those with the right couple twist, just in case what you are planning is a bridal send off party for both the bride and groom. We also have printable games that we deemed sexier and naughtier than our usual bridal shower games and activities, but if you think the bride to be and your other guests won’t mind this more mature games, then we say check out our bachelorette party games page as well.

How to get our bridal shower games:

Our game cards are in image format, and you can basically download them by going to each image and doing a right click on it and choosing Save Image/File As when prompted.

Once you have downloaded all the cards you need, you can choose to print them using your favorite image editor. Another option is to use Microsoft Word, and by just laying them out with the right indent and such, you can actually insert two cards in one page without changing the height and width of the actual image.


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Another Bridal Shower Games Twist:

Want to go beyond pen and paper game? We think going for the live version of this game and getting the actual spices and herbs behind said names is really a good idea, especially if your crowd is better off with such activities rather than just playing it the bingo way.

And if you decided to go with this approach, you can stop with just making it a guess the spice game, although if you want to make it more exciting, why not make your guests guess and remember which spice or herb corresponds to which container instead? Yes, we mean aside from just letting your guests take a sniff or two and making their best guess on what is the name of said spice, if you think testing their memory in the process (let them remember which numbered container contains the said spice) is really way more exciting, challenging and of course fun.








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