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Be sure to check out our instructions for our bridal shower games and ideas for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

We have different kinds of bridal shower games, although what you see on this page is one of our printable bridal shower games, our Bridal Bingo to be exact. So similar to traditional bingo, you will find rows and columns of words, words related to getting married and bridal showers to be exact. If you think this is a cool game idea and you think this will be a great activity, this is where you can find the rest of our bingo cards.

Of course it’s possible that even if you love said bingo game idea, you might be open for more game options primarily because one activity for your event will not be enough. Or maybe what you have in mind is another printable game altogether, something beyond general bridal shower bingo or maybe even something that is not a pen and paper game at all. If you answer Yes to one of these, we say go to our bridal shower games and ideas page, and on the top section, you will find our different printable games, from other bingo games with certain kind of twist, to other printable games like word search games. And right below that, you will find our traditional bridal shower games and ideas, perfect if you want your guests to get out of their seats and do a race or two.





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How to get and play this bridal shower games and ideas:

The game card we have here is saved as an image, which means your typical method of getting images from the net will still work. Just remember where you saved these game cards so you can easily find and print them.

This is still a bingo game despite the bridal twist. Which means you can play it the same way you play traditional bingo - a host will call out the words, players will mark their cards for any match, and the first player(s) who can do a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line match will be your winner!

More bridal shower games and ideas:

Throwing a theme-based bridal shower? We say go to our bridal shower themes page, find the entry for your chosen theme, and you will be led to a page which contains our theme-based bridal shower ideas, which includes our game ideas. These games are usually the physical and active kind, which is perfect if this is what you want.

You can also check out our bachelorette party games page, which contains our naughtier and sexier games. Just check with the bride to be if she doesn’t mind going for such games, since these will still be great additions for your shower since it’s still about getting married, albeit the naughty side of getting married at that. But just in case that worried you, we just want to say that we didn’t really go far with said games, that’s why we’re tagging them as naughty without being downright dirty, but why take our word for it, we say check it out for yourself.

And similar to our bridal shower games and ideas, you will find two types of games on said page – the printable pen and paper kind, and games which include relay races designed for bachelorette parties, in short, games that will require your guests to run about the room. Just choose the games that will fit your event and guests well, but based on experience, we highly recommend mixing and matching physical games with pen and paper ones, primarily because each type of game has its own advantage. Physical games will definitely liven up your party and that’s definitely something you want to set the right party atmosphere. But going for purely physical games might make it too tiring for your guests, and it will also limit the time to chat with the bride to be, which is also another important aspect of bridal send-off parties. And that is where your pen and paper games will come in. It will definitely give your guests some breathing room between your more physical games, and chatting with the bride to be is definitely expected, since we bet your guests can easily manage to chat with her while scouring and marking their bingo cards.

Those are just some of our tips and bridal shower games and ideas. And as always, we recommend that you personalize and customize since these are important ingredients that will make her bridal send-off party one of a kind and special!



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