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Be sure to check out the instructions of our bridal shower invitation templates free for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

If you love the idea of lingerie themed invitations, you will find more invitation options here. We also have lots of non-lingerie themed invitations that you can check out.


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Does she love lingerie? If she loves the idea of being showered tons of lingerie as part of her bridal send off (and we don’t have any doubt that her hubby to be will be of the same mind), throwing her a lingerie themed shower is something you can consider.

And if you have finally settled on this theme idea, then you will love the bridal shower invitation templates free we have on this page, since with that cute bride in the picture, wearing that sexy lingerie, we think this invitation will work well as your shower’s themed-based invitation.

If for one reason or another, you decided that this invitation is not for you, possibly because this one involves a blonde bride and your friend is not, or you just prefer another lingerie invitation design altogether, no worries, since you can check out our bridal shower invitation templates free main page so that you can see all our invitations for this theme, and we did provide lots of options given that this a pretty popular bridal shower theme, and we’re pretty sure you will find one that will suit your event.

And your options does not stop there. Although not designed solely for lingerie themed showers, our general bridal shower invitations  are also worth looking at since they are designed for bridal showers in general, and can be considered by any bridal shower thrower. And loving our general bridal invites should not stop you from throwing a theme-based shower, since each of our invite comes with a Theme field that you can fill out for this very purpose.

How to use our bridal shower invitation templates free:

Our bridal shower templates include a bridal shower invitation templates free, which you can use as is, although if you plan to customize your invitation wordings, and we say go for this if you have the inclination, then you can make use of the blank card that we provided together with our bridal shower invitation templates. And the use of said blank card doesn’t end there. Need a name tag for your party? You may need to do some image formatting, which you can easily do via your favorite image editor or your Microsoft Word, and voila, this can be your name tag template.

And we also provided a Thank You card, since you definitely want to thank everyone for the great time and gifts for the bride to be, and you can get one that comes with a similar design as your bridal shower invite from this page as well.



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