Bridal Shower Invitations Templates FREE For Peacock Themed Bridal Showers. Also comes with FREE Thank You Notes and Other Cards

Bridal Shower Invitations Templates FREE (Peacock Themed)


Peacocks are quite popular on the wedding arena, and it seems that more and more bride to bes are also loving peacocks as a bridal shower theme.

Maybe they just think peacocks are really amazing birds, they love the different peacocks hues (and we have to admit that they are quite amazing), but whatever the reason why, if your friend loves peacocks and would love a peacock themed bridal shower , then make sure you check out our peacock themed bridal shower ideas, and this bridal shower invitation templates free which tried to marry both the elements of peacocks and bridal showers, which should complement all your other peacock related preparations.

Of course if you are not particular on using a themed-based invitation, we also have general bridal shower invitations that you can check out. As the name implies, it is for general bridal showers, because they were not designed to showcase a particular theme or element related to a theme. They are designed to work with all types of bridal showers, may it be a theme-based shower or not. If you are opting for the former, just make sure you fill out the Theme field correctly, since that is the purpose for adding said field.





CREATIVE Free Bridal Shower Cards

Bridal Shower Invitations Templates FREE

Looking for bridal shower invitations templates free designed with peacocks in mind? This might not come with tons of colors as is expected from anything related to peacocks, but we think it has a charm of its own, so if you agree with us, feel free to download it since it's FREE!



Ready To Use Bridal Invitations





How to use our bridal shower invitations templates free:

There are many ways to wow your guests with your bridal shower invitations. But you might ask why you want to do that? There are many reasons that we can think of, but one thing for sure, your invitations are the first thing your guests will see about your event, so wowing them as early as this will definitely give them a good impression about your shower.

Of course you can always purchase some ready to use invites instead of using this bridal shower invitation templates FREE. That can definitely wow them. Another way is to come up with some creative invitations, with lots of peacock feathers and such, which is really pretty, but may be a bit costly.

You can also choose to do it yourself and come up with you own peacock themed designed printable invites, and that’s definitely recommended, since it will be customized for your event, and aside from the time invested, it will not be costly. But if this is something you don’t want to pursue right now, and would prefer to make use of this bridal shower invitation templates free, then we say customize the wordings and wow them that way. Just make use of the blank card found on this page, insert it on Microsoft Word, insert a text box on top of it, and voila, you can now type your masterpiece.

Hopefully that should have given you some ideas on how to wow your guests via your shower invitation. We will leave you to decide on which one fits your event best.



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