Go Green Bridal Shower Invitations Templates. Get our Ready to Use Invite, Thank You Note and Blank Cards

Here at Creative Bridal Shower Ideas, we have lots of differently designed bridal shower invitations templates, and they can come with theme-based elements (theme-based invites) or not (general bridal shower invites).

And speaking of theme-based bridal shower invitations,  this page contains our bridal shower invitations templates for green themed bridal showers, and you can take the “green” part either as a environment-friendly type of green or maybe the bride to be just loves anything green, making any invitation which focuses on said shade a great invitation candidate for her bridal send off party.

Now if this doesn’t match what you have in mind when you searched for bridal shower invitations templates, we suggest you check out our other theme-based bridal shower invitations, in case you already have a theme choice in mind, just not a green theme shower. But if you just prefer something that can work for all types of bridal showers, may it be theme-based or not, then we say check out our general bridal shower invitations, since these invites were designed with elements related to getting married, and has no element associated to a specific theme whatsoever. And we say they will also work well for your theme-based shower because our ready to use bridal shower invitations templates comes with a Theme field, which you can fill up for this very purpose.




Ready To Use Bridal Invitations






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Love Green Bridal Shower Invitations Templates
Go Green Bridal Shower Invitations


How to get and use our bridal shower invitations templates:

Our bridal shower invite templates are saved as images, so for you to get them, you need to download them the same way you download any other images from the net, which is to do a right click on the image you want, choose Save File As or Save Images As, depending on your browser, and when prompted, you are to input your preferred image location which can be as simple as your C:\Images or your default image folder path.

Each of our invitation design comes with three kinds of bridal shower invitations templates  - a ready to use invite, a thank you note card, and a blank card.

The ready to use invite template, as can be seen, contains some fields that we think are relevant to be known by any bridal shower guests which you can just easily fill up. Now if you want to go beyond these fields, or you just want to create your own invitation wordings, we say make use of our blank card instead, since that will give the flexibility since you will not be limited with the fields we indicated, plus you don’t need to worry about the background design, since it still comes with the same design as that of the ready to use invite.

To use our ready to use invite, insert it in a blank Microsoft Word document, insert one text box per field for easier text navigation, and fill it up one field at a time. To use the blank card, you can still insert it in a document, and insert a single text box on top of it, and from there type in your wordings and prose.

Don’t forget to save your work, and once you’re done, you’re on your way to enticing your guests to RSVP to the bride to be’s send off party!



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