Bridal Shower Invite Ideas For Shoe Themed Bridal Showers


Be sure to check out the instructions of our bridal shower invite ideas for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

We have tons of bridal shower invitations and ideas, but what we have posted on this page is something that will work very well if you are throwing her a shoe themed bridal shower because of her love for footwear. If this matches the bridal shower invite ideas you have in mind, then great, these freebies are just a few clicks away. If this is not what you want, no worries, since we have lots of bridal shower invite ideas and this is just one of the lot.

Because we know that your invitation need will greatly depend on how you are planning your bridal shower, we suggest that you look into our general bridal shower invites and theme-based bridal shower invite ideas to locate the invite that will complement your event.  If you are a believer that having a theme is necessary, then we suggest you look into the latter first, and just in case we don’t have an entry for your chosen theme, then that’s the time you must check out the former. And having a theme-based shower and using our general invites should not be a problem at all, especially since our invitations come with a Theme field that you can fill out for this very purpose.


CREATIVE Free Bridal Shower Invitations



CREATIVE Bridal Shower Thank You Cards





CREATIVE Bridal Shower Cards



Ready To Use Bridal Invitations






How to get our shoe themed bridal shower invite ideas:

All the printables you can find on this page, which includes our ready to use bridal shower invitation, our thank you card, and another card that we left purposely blank to make it easy for you to personalize it for your printable needs, are all saved as JPEG files, which means your typical method of getting images from the net will still work on this case. And you will need to get these saved locally because the next step is for you to personalize and fill it up with your party information.

How to use these bridal shower invite ideas:

Depending on how you want your final bridal shower invitation to appear, you have the option to use our ready to use template or the card that we left blank, but still comes with the same design as the other templates.

If you are the type who just want to enter your pertinent information and you think your invitation is good to go, then the bridal shower invite idea of the ready to use template might be what you want, since that’s the very idea behind said template. But if you think it is too generic or general and you think the perfect invitation entails you coming up with your invitation wordings so you can “say” the right words that will attract everyone to your party, then the blank card is the better choice. And while you’re at it, you can even choose to embellish a bit if you think it is quite plain as it is. Although you are not necessarily limited to these, you might want to check out these bridal shower clipart, which contains different wedding-related cliparts that we were able to locate and compile which should aid you on this endeavor.

At this point, most likely you would have settled on a specific template already. But whether you use the ready to use invitation or the blank one, you can use your favorite image editor to add your pertinent information, which we will leave to you since we are pretty sure that you will be an expert on said editor already. Now if you don’t have a favorite image editing software to speak of, did you know that you can also use Microsoft to do the same? Yes, that right, your ever reliable Microsoft Word can also be used to edit these templates, and actually, images in general.

No idea how? Just start by creating a blank document and insert your chosen template. Then on top of the image, insert a text box – if you are using the ready to use template, we suggest you insert one text box per field, which you can do one at a time. Then inside the text box, just type in the relevant info related to said field. The main reason for this approach is to make it easy for you to align your inputted text to the text that comes with the invitation by default. Now if you are using the blank template, one text box on top of the image will do, since it comes with no fields that you need to consider.

All done?Don’t forget to save your changes!




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