Bridal Shower Invites Templates for Victorian Showers

The bridal shower invites templates we have prepared here is designed to work on Victorian themed bridal showers, but since its design is pretty classic, we don't see a problem on why it cannot work on another type of bridal shower altogether. But just in case you have something different in mind when you searched for bridal shower invites templates, maybe because you don't  like this design, this is not the right shower theme for you, and so on, we highly recommend you check out our general bridal shower invites templates, which includes ready to use invitations that are just designed with brides and other elements related to getting married in mind, and of course our big collection of theme-based bridal shower invites, wherein we tried to marry elements of a particular theme to brides and weddings. That should give you tons of choices for your bridal shower invitations.





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Victorian Bridal Shower Invites Templates


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How to get our bridal shower invites templates:

When you follow the link of an invitation you find on this page, you will get three kinds of invitation templates - a ready to use bridal shower invitation, a thank you card and a blank template. All are saved as  JPEG files, which means your typical method of getting images from the net will lead you to getting these saved on your computer. No idea how? Just go to the image you want, do a right click on it, choose Save File/Image as from the list of options, and just type in your preferred folder name when you are prompted to do so. Just remember where you saved these bridal shower invites templates since you will need to locate and edit them to add your pertinent information.

How to use our bridal shower invites templates:

When you think about your bridal shower invitation, do you like the idea of a fill-up type of invitation wherein you just add your party information like the date of the party, location of your event and so on? Or maybe you are the type who will never be satisfied with the previously described invitation because you want to invite your guests and friends with your very own words?

If you find yourself more of the former, then we highly recommend you check out our ready to use invitation, which is the first template you will find in our invitation template page. The blank card or the last template is the way to go if you see yourself more of the latter. The fact that we designed said template to have the same look and feel as the others sans wordings make it a nice blank canvass for words that will entice your guests to RSVP.

But whether you are using the first or the last template, you can use your favorite image editor to add your party information or your invitation wordings. If you don't have a favorite editor, why not use Microsoft Word for the same? Just create a blank document, insert the template you've settled on, and if you are using the ready to use template, just insert one text box on top of the image one field at a time, fill it up with your information, and repeat this for the other fields until all your relevant information are added. If you are working with the blank card, then just insert a single text box on top of the image since there is no need for you to go for the multiple text box approach since you will not be dealing with any fields anyway.

Make sure you save your changes, and if you are sending your bridal shower invites via Mr. Postman, we suggest you copy the image plus text by highlighting the whole thing and copying it right below your first card. Based on design, you should be able to have two cards on a single document page. You can print these cards on some nice photo or special paper and once you're done with that, you just need some envelopes to use with these, and they're ready to be signed and delivered.


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