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Tea Party Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

To start off our tea bridal shower menu ideas, different tea (hot or cold, your guests' choice) should be the basics of your shower menu, since how could you have a tea party, without the tea?! Of course, feel free to serve coffee, just in case you have non-tea drinkers in the room. Cakes, pastries like scones and cookies, should be served side by side, with all that tea and coffee that you're serving.

Serve these yummy stuff using your best china set and silverware. That should do a lot for the tea shower feel that you are aiming for.

If you still haven't decided what your cake should be, there are two ways to approach this. Either go with bride-to-be's favorite cake or pastry or serve cakes with tea as one of its ingredients (check out this Green Tea Layer Cake recipe). That is indeed a tough choice, which we'll leave you to decide.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but your punch should be a tea punch or nothing. There are available instructions on the internet on how to concoct this very tea beverage.


Travel Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

If you decided to include the activity Secret Recipes (complete with the cooking activity on the day of the shower), then you might not even need to prepare a lot for your party food.

But if you are a great believer of parties not being complete without tons of food, then lack of bridal shower menu ideas won’t be your problem given your chosen theme.

Our bridal shower menu ideas have two types. You can choose a single cuisine which happens to be the favorite of the bride to be and just explore all the delicacies of that cuisine. Or just pick some noteworthy dishes from all over the world, so that you, the bride to be and your friends can explore lots of countries in process, at least on the food department. If you decided on the latter, we highly suggest choosing the cuisines related to countries represented on your party decoration. And since you’re in an explorer mode, palate-wise that is, we suggest veering away from American dishes as much as possible, although no worries, we don’t suggest doing a Fear Factor version as well.

For your cake, as with the other things you prepare, you can use some key elements from each of the bride to be’s favorite places to influence the design and decorations of the cake. If she thinks Paris is the most romantic place on earth, then the presence of an Eiffel tower replica MUST decorate your cake. If she has a loving relationship with anything oriental, then a dragon (represents luck), double happiness character, and cherry blossoms designs are just a few of the options.

Your drink can still be based on her favorite places, since you will have lots of options from tea to sake. But if you want to stick to her favorite brew, that should be fine, since we think her love of travel is already sufficiently represented by the other things you have so far.  




Valentine Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

Since a Valentine shower is still a Valentine party, preparing dishes that come in red is one of the approach you can use for your theme-based menu. This means some chips and chunky salsa, red cabbage salad, tomato-based soup and pasta, buffalo chicken, and some cranberry-based dessert are part of your choices.

Heart-shaped dishes is also another approach to your Valentine offerings. Heart-shaped pizzas, sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes with heart decorations are just some of the ideas you can consider.

We also think that meals composed of what we call aphrodisiac food are very fitting. Dishes that include asparagus, basil, oysters, and honey as one of the major ingredient are definitely in. So are strawberries and chocolate-based desserts. That should give you tons of choices, if we may say so.

Of course, you can choose to serve whatever you like and just make sure each serving are all by twos - a couple of sushi, two dimsum, spaghetti w/ two meatballs, etc.

You can stick to just one approach, but if you think going for a mixture of all said approaches will make your food selection better, then you must go for it.

For your cake, a heart-shaped cake is the default choice, although anything that comes in red or pink is a good enough alternative.

And to complete our bridal shower menu ideas, just serve any red punch or juice that will work well with the other food you're serving. And if you think some alcohol-based drink is in order, then be sure to bring out one of your best wines since as you know, wines are definitely sexy. And that's it, just follow some of the above bridal shower menu ideas and you're done planning your Valentine shower menu!


Victorian Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

Turning your Victoria shower into a Victorian tea party is something you can consider, and if you happen to love the idea, then be sure to serve lots of teas since everyone knows this is one hot beverage that the British love, right?

Be sure to serve your tea on one of those porcelain tea pots and cups. Treacle tart, pumpkin cake, lemon cake, and of course scones to go with your tea is definitely a good idea. Some sausage roll, cucumber or chicken salad sandwich and the like will be great candidates if you want to serve something more substantial. Although serving tea is a MUST on a Victorian shower, brewing some great coffee for your coffee-lover friends should not be a problem.  And the great thing is, you don’t even need to modify your other offerings since they will taste great with tea or coffee!

If you think your guests cannot live with just sandwiches and sweets, be sure to add some hot and cold cuts and cheese.

For your cake, you can have one shaped like a tea pot, although we think a cake shaped like a corset is sexier and therefore more fitting. That takes care of the design. For the actual cake recipe, you can make use of Victorian cake recipes available around the net, or just choose a favorite recipe of the bride-to-be since we think you have enough Victorian elements already.

Our bridal shower menu ideas cannot be complete without some fitting drink ideas. Tea of course is the drink of the day, which you can also serve iced and sweetened.  Lemonade is another popular non-alcoholic drink alternative so if you think your guests will appreciate it, be sure to serve some. But if you prefer to serve something with more zing, Ratafia and Madeira are great candidates, champagne if you want to add something bubbly, which will also be a great drink to make your toast for the bride-to-be’s upcoming wedding. Cheers!


Vintage Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

If you decided to add the cooking game we suggested, then you might not even need to prepare a lot here, since we bet the meals your guests prepared out of those wonderful treasured recipes are more than enough to satisfy everyone’s appetite. However, if you opted not to include that activity, then you and the bride to be needs to pin down the timeline, which will be the basis of your bridal shower menu ideas.

If she happens to love the 50s, then you can serve something that one can expect from malt shops – cheeseburgers, fries, shakes, Coke (bottled ones), and chiffon cake for dessert, just to name a few.  If you want to go beyond these, anything barbecue is also welcome on 1950s weddings so you might want to consider them on your friend’s wedding shower.

For your cake, we think that a cake shaped like an old-fashioned lingerie or swim suit is something you can consider. If she loves Hello Kitty and the 1960s, then a pink and white cake shaped like this famous kitty can be your cake of choice. A jukebox one if she loves the 1940s, an Elvis cake or one that looks like the old sexy Coke bottle is something you can consider if she loves the 50s, and so on. As you can see, your problem here is too much choices, which can be further trimmed down once you have a specific timeline in mind.

To help you further, we found this great food decade reference that can give you more vintage themed bridal shower menu ideas.

We think this is one occasion that warrants bringing out the best vintage wine you can get your hands on, which you can serve on top of whatever other brew you are serving from the bride to be’s favorite timeline. Just make sure that the wine you will be serving will not overwhelm whatever food you’ll be serving and vice versa.


Western Bridal Party Menu Ideas

Any dishes that are popularly served on barbecues could be part of your western party menu. Hotdogs, ribs, grilled veggies, and other barbecued meat dishes are good candidates. Corn on cob is definitely worth adding. Dishes with beans are also worth considering. With so many items to choose from, lack of food ideas is definitely not a problem when throwing a western bridal party.

Serve your dishes using stoneware dining sets. If you have enough, your guests could also eat from similar plates and bowls. If you don't have stoneware sets, dishes with horses and anything related to western stuff will also be sufficient.

You also have a lot of options for your cake. You could have a horseshoe-shaped cake, a cowboy hat cake, or a delicious-looking boot cake, and each works perfectly with your theme.

Although soda is of course welcome, a root beer float is a good replacement for your typical punch. And since a western party won’t be complete without their presence, make sure you serve lots of ale and beer to complement all those wonderful barbecue meals you served.


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