Your Bridal Shower Menu can easily reflect your chosen Bridal Shower Theme. You do want your Theme to be Everywhere, right?


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Kitchen Bridal Shower Menu

For your bridal shower menu preparation, you have an option to ask everybody to bring something (potluck), ask them to give a favorite recipe that you can choose to convert to something edible for the party (the recipe will also be a gift to bride-to-be, a great addition to her repertoire!), or just prepare some chips and appetizers and have an activity during the shower that will result to some dishes being made that can also be consumed by everybody after the game.

The above idea is applicable from your kitchen shower appetizers to dessert.

All of the above ideas are great, but don't forget that you still need to prepare some drinks or punch. Bride-to-be's preference should be the priority, though be sure to prepare alternatives for those who have different taste from the new bride.


Lingerie Bridal Shower Menu

Strawberries and chocolate tops our sexiness chart and must be served in any lingerie bridal shower! Other dishes with asparagus, mushroom, honey, scallop, shrimp, tuna, and even turkey are great, since they have enough aphrodisiac content so as to be an eligible member of your lingerie bridal shower menu.

Any dishes that comes in red or black are also great candidates. Roasted red peppers for starters, some tomato-based pasta or blackened chicken for your main dish are just some examples. Be sure to complete your menu by serving chocolate-based dessert, some chocolate pudding or cake might just be what you want. Or better yet, combine strawberries and chocolate and you have a winner.

Wash everything down by serving some strawberry-based punch. Or if you think you have too much strawberry in your menu, a mango, peach or pomegranate punch will be a cool and refreshing drink for you and your guests!


Luau Bridal Shower Menu

Fruits are definitely a MUST SERVE on this bridal shower theme. Any dish with papaya, pineapple and coconut are definitely fit for your luau shower! If you want to serve popular Hawaiian dishes (eg. Kalua pig), there are many such dishes featured at

We also suggest that you serve your dishes in coconut shells, to accentuate your chosen theme. If your guests are up to it, they could also eat their meal from Ti leaves, instead of plates. That should be an interesting experience for them!

Any cakes that feature fruits like pineapples or coconuts are expected in a Luau shower. Or you could forget the cake, and just stick to fresh fruits for your dessert. Talk about a fresh and healthy conclusion to your meal!

And lastly,a fruit punch is definitely in order for this theme. We did say from the start that fruits are one the stars of a Luau bridal shower menu, right?




Masquerade Bachelorette Menu

If you can get your hands on one of the superhero cookbooks out there (did you know that Stan Lee has a cookbook published which features Daredevil’s Bedeviled Swiss Steak?), preparing some cool dishes from that book can be one approach on your masquerade bachelorette food. Of course, you can just pick your favorite deviled egg recipe and call it Daredevils’ deviled eggs, prepare a bat-shaped or Superman logo-shaped pizza, Cat Woman’s Cream Pasta and you will be fine as well.

Still related to the superhero idea, how about serving goodies composed of what they call super food? This means that mixed nuts, broccoli soup, green bean salad, grilled salmon, and berry-based cheesecake will be very welcome.

Another approach is to go for food wherein the “meat” of the dish is “masked” or hidden inside a wrapper. No idea where to start? Meat pies, siu mai, shellfish (shell should be intact) are just a few examples. Of course you can always serve food that comes with the right masquerade colors and you will also be fine.

There’s really no rule which says you can only go for one approach so if you think a combination of the above approaches will give your guests more appetizing choices, then we say go for it. That should take care of your food choices from your appetizer to your dessert.

Cakes are another MUST Have on parties so be sure to prepare or buy one. A cake shaped like a mask is good, although we feel that a cake shaped like a boustier that comes in violet is also worth looking at.

We suggest having a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Just make sure you have those plastic martini glasses that comes in assorted color (make sure you get violet, green or gold ones, if available) and you’ll be absolutely fine. Or better yet, just get the canned variety of Mountain Dew, some grape soda, A&W cream soda, and of course red wine to complete your (colorful) drink lineup.


Mexican Bridal Shower Menu

And this is where we discuss what should be part of your Fiesta bridal shower menu.

In a Mexican bridal shower, the food to serve is definitely the least of your problems. You can go for the typical ones - burritos, tacos, chips with guacamole, stuffed chili, etc. You can also serve some churros with thick chocolate to satisfy your guests' sweet tooth. But if you want to go beyond these, we found this Mexican fiesta menu that you might want to look at.

Fruit cake with rum are popular in Mexican fiestas, but if you don't think that's a great idea, how about some Avocado cake? It's not as popular as fruit cakes, but it's definitely interesting enough and is worthy to be added in your Mexican food lineup.

What's a party without some punch? Tequila or Sangria punch are perfect for this particular bridal shower theme. Lots of recipes are available in the Internet and they're just a few clicks away.

Moroccan Bridal Shower Menu

The great thing about having a Moroccan bash is that you will have lots of food choices for your Moroccan bridal shower menu. Kebabs should definitely be considered, anything of lamb and chicken will be fine. But before you serve any chicken or lamb dishes, you can let your guests enjoy a bunch of almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, and dates as appetizers.

Moroccan dishes usually include either chicken or lamb. But if you’re aiming for the swimming variety, you can serve some fish stew since that is also a popular Moroccan dish, which is usually served with bread.

You can also use some couscous, a one kind of pasta usually used for Moroccan dishes, to serve your favorite pasta dish. Bisteeya, a Moroccan pie will also be a fitting addition to your repertoire. Fruits, especially melon and cherries, will be a healthy dessert option for your guests.

For your cake, since honey is a popular ingredient in Moroccan dishes, you can serve your guests some honey cake and be done with it. Cakes wherein almonds and walnuts play a big role are also good candidates.

Green tea with mint (popularly served hot but the cold version is also cool) is a popular Moroccan drink and should definitely be served on any Moroccan party.

That should give you lots of food choices, but if you want to go beyond these ideas, we found these Moroccan recipes that you might want to look at.


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