When we say your chosen theme will be everywhere, it's really everywhere. Even in your bridal shower menus!


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Mystery Bridal Shower Menus

Think of your favorite detective or mystery novel. Now think of the title. Could you associate a particular food to the title? How about your favorite detective character? Does s/he have a favorite dish that you could serve in your party? For example, you could serve something wherein maple is its main ingredient, and call it "Agatha Christie's Miss Maple" (if you're a fan of Agatha Christie, you will know that she wrote many Miss Marple mysteries). Or you could serve chicken wings and call it "Martha Grimes' Hot Chicken" or something like that. That should give you an idea on how to build your menu for this particular theme!

Another approach is to ask your friends for their family's secret recipe (or they could cook it for you if they prefer to keep the recipe secret). Your guests will definitely have a mysterious gathering, not to mention a very tasty one, to look forward to! And the cool thing is, these secret recipes will also make a wonderful and inexpensive gift for the bride-to-be!

Or if you're interested, we know two cookbooks, written with mystery in mind. One's entitled Appetite for Murder: A Mystery Lover's Cookbook by Kathy Borich, while another is written by no other than Carolyn Keene, entitled The Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking.

For your cake, a jigsaw puzzle cake is one option. A rubik’s cube cake is also worth considering. Or better yet, just bake a plain cake and icing many question marks on it.

And to complete your bridal shower menus, prepare some gray punch (Halloween punch) to wash everything down.


Peacock Bridal Party Menus

If you love roast peacocks, and you think your guests will appreciate them and the experience of eating peacocks as well, then be sure to include a carving station serving your wonderful peacock dish. But if you adore peacocks but not as food, no worries, since there are other birds that you can consider, from turkey, pigeon, to the more typical chicken. Serving pork and other beef dishes should also be fine, as long as you have other fowl offerings.

That should take care of your main course, but for your starters, soup or salad made of lentil (a peacock favorite), assorted nuts, and corn are something you can consider.

For your bridal shower cake, we think that a brassiere set or a boustier-shaped cake in the right peacock colors are quite cool. But if you like the idea, we think cupcakes which come in different peacock colors, arranged in a cake stand of some sort are also cool, so they’re worth considering.

We will leave it to you what (alcoholic or non-alcohol) drinks to include on your bridal shower menus, as long as you make sure that your drink will be great with whatever food you’re serving. But to make things more interesting (not to mention very theme-based), how about serving some Pea (or better known as Peatini) or Pear Cocktails? But as usual, make sure you prepare selections for guests who prefer their drinks to be virgin, so some sweet pea or pear juice anyone?!


Pirate Bridal Party Menus

Seafood dishes should be part of your pirate repertoire. Fish crackers, dry biscuit and some stew to go with that will be very piratey and therefore fitting. Serving chicken wings will be great and some tropical fruits like pineapple and orange will be refreshing additions.

Provide some tin plates and mugs for your guests. You can prepare some utensils for your more fussy guests, but eating your food with bare hands is encouraged on a pirate bridal party.

Your cake should be made with at least one of the tropical fruits as a major ingredient. Although we doubt that pirates will have time to bake a cake when they're on their ship, the fact that this cake will have pineapple and other tropical ingredients in it is a nice enough compromise.

You can opt to prepare some pirate punch (tropical punch with a touch of rum) or just serve some straight rum or beer, if that’s the way you and the bride to be like it. Either idea will work nicely with the other bridal shower menus entries you have prepared for your pirate bridal party.


Princess Bridal Shower Menus

Dishes with apple (Snow White) and peas (The Princess and the Pea) seem like a good start. It could be in your salad, your soup, or dessert!

Dishes using spaghetti or any long strand pastas (this remind us of Rapunzel's hair!) would also be terrific. Also, any seafood dishes (Little Mermaid) will be great additions to your princess shower menu!

If you like princesses but not in your food, serving veal, mutton, or other popular game meats like turkey, deer, duck, rabbits, etc can be another approach to your shower menu. You can turn them into meat kabobs, an appetizer or two, a gourmet sandwich or an entree.

Time to bring out your silverware and glassware, since there's something quite majestic about them, elements that are MUST Haves on any princess shower. If you have a chalice or something similar, now's a good time to bring them out and put them into good use.

Your cake should be a princess cake or nothing! If you're wondering what makes a cake fit for a princess, well, it should either be in the form of Cinderella's glass shoe or a pink cake. Very tasty, but still lovely and girly to look at!

Any pink or red punch can pass as a Princess Punch, and is a great addition to your princess themed bridal shower menus.


Shoe Bridal Shower Menus

We think tea bridal shower fare is just perfect for any shoe shower, since a tea party is definitely a good excuse to bring out delicate sandwiches, pastries and snacks. This means treacle tart, pumpkin cake, lemon cake, and of course scones, are just some of your food choices. Some sausage roll, cucumber or chicken salad sandwich and the like will be great candidates if you want to serve something more substantial. And of course some tea or coffee to complement those.

Another approach to your shoe bridal shower menu is to serve pretty food. Short of serving just dessert, we always associate pretty food to makis and sushis, so if you think your guests will appreciate them, then be sure to serve some. If majority of your guests appreciate their food to be well-cooked, then how about some siumais and dumplings, which also fits the pretty category? Pies are also quite wonderful and pretty to look at, so serving meat pies are very welcome.

If you think your group prefers to have a bunch of protein to be part of the menu, then be sure to serve chicken legs, pork leg, and even frog legs, if they’re daring enough.

Your cake should come in a pretty shoe design, which should give you tons of choices since there are lots of shoe designs that you can copy from photos from the Internet. You can also go for cupcakes displayed in a cake stand, and have each cupcake come with a shoe design, which varies per cupcake. And the great thing about veering away from the traditional big cake? Those cupcakes will not just be pretty to look at, they can also be part of your party gifts for select friends.

Colorful and pretty is still applicable to whatever drink you’re serving, so some colorful shake, especially ones which comes in pink, green, yellow and the other pretty colors are MUST Haves on your bridal shower menus. But since this is a bridal shower, meaning some drinks with zing might be in order, how about serving some of those pretty-looking cocktails? That should make your event not just pretty to look at, but pretty yummy as well.




Spa Bridal Shower Menus

You have two options on how to approach your bridal shower menus. You can make this a day of indulgence down to the food you will serve or you can choose to serve healthy snacks.

If the former is more to your taste, then these are dishes that are really delicious albeit a wee bit unhealthy. This will vary from each person, but generally, anything with chocolate, quite expensive so is not anybody's typical fare like gourmet dishes, ice cream, and a good wine fit the bill.

The latter means salads, fresh fruits, some sashimi, nuts, mushrooms and the like. Take note that the second option doesn't mean you and your guests are not allowed to enjoy your food. There are lots of good-tasting salads out there not to mention juicy and great-tasting fruits. If you think the salad will be tastier with a dollop of mayo in it, go ahead since nobody's about to shake their head at you since this is not a health club or anything.

Just keep in mind that whether you go one way or the other, great tasting food is a MUST for a party to be successful, so just make sure you consider this when you prepare your bridal shower menus.


Stock the Bar Bridal Shower Menus

You should have a pretty well stocked bar if you're going for this bridal shower theme. But of course it's not all about the wine. We know for a fact that there's nothing like complimentary snacks to munch on which will make a complete drinking experience.

Different kinds of cheese, some crackers with cool spreads (we love any basil and spinach-based spreads), olives, tapas, mushrooms, are just some of the snack candidates.

If you want to serve something more than cheese and crackers, some herbed chicken and lamb are worth looking at. Some pastas are also worth considering. Basically, you have lots of food choices, you just need to ensure that your food does not overpower the wine you're serving and vice versa.

As for your cake, any berry-based cheese cake seem like a good idea. Again, the rule about the food not overpowering your wine should apply.

There's nothing like hot coffee as a meal concludes, and after all that wine, we bet your friends will welcome a cup or two.

That should help take care of your bridal shower menus for your stock the bar bridal shower.


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