Luau Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

If the bride loves the beach, then throwing her a luau-themed bridal shower is the way to go. A nearby beach (or a place with a pool of water) will be a pretty cool location, but if you want to celebrate your love of the sun and sand in a restaurant or a friend's house, that will also be as great.


Free Shower Invitation

Throwing your girl friend a bridal shower? Our bridal shower invitation, thank you cards, and miscellaneous cards for this theme are all here.

We have also prepared these free bridal shower cliparts for those who want to challenge their creativity and make their own cards.

Sample Luau Bridal Shower Theme Invitations

Our latest addition to our stash of luau bridal shower invitations features a bride to be enjoying her island experience. So if you think this is the perfect theme for your friend, then check them out.



Bridal Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based bridal shower or bachelorette party! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Bridal Shower Menu

Who says your chosen theme will not be present in your menu? When we say it's everywhere, we mean it's everywhere! Here's our party menu for this theme.

Bridal Shower Game Ideas


Luau Bridal Shower Games



Need more printable games ? Tons of printable shower games available here!




Drinking Contest (Naughty)

You will need a lot of coconuts and naughty-shaped straws for this game.

As the title suggest, this is a drinking contest, a coconut drinking contest to be precise. But instead of enjoying their drink using a typical straw like a normal person, we want some naughty straws in our coconuts and in your guests' mouths.

The person who can suck the fastest, wins the game!

Hula Craze (Clean Fun)

It's time to take out those old hula hoops, since we want them on this game!

Each member of the group is required to do the hula while her song is playing. Wedding songs or any favorite songs of the bride-to-be will be a great song candidate.

Each group member will be assigned one song each. If a member fails to do a complete hula on her song, another member could "rescue" the team by doing the hula to both their songs. Rescuing could only be done by a succeeding member, hence, the trick is to have the best person to come last, just in case she needs to do a lot of rescuing.

The group who was able to complete with the least amount of rescuing, wins the game. If you need to break a tie or two, then just let the group start all over again, so as to determine who are the real hula kings and queens!

Tip: This is a great activity to loosen ones reticence, since who could stay modest and shy, after doing a bit of hula hooping?

Perfect Catch (Clean Fun)

This is the right game for any bride who wants a good practice in throwing that bouquet and for guests who can't wait to make the perfect catch!

Prepare a number of colorful bouquets, since colorful flowers are a MUST in any luau shower.

Like in the actual wedding, the bride-to-be will throw the bouquet backwards towards her guests. Unlike the actual event, the bride gets to throw more than one bouquet here. The guest who was able to catch the most number of bouquet, wins the game.

Sand Art (Clean Fun/Naughty)

This game is a great activity that will challenge your guests' creativity.

This is best played in groups. The idea is for your guests to create a sand art (if you're not in the beach, you can just use dough) that will creatively describe what the bride-to-be can expect during or after the wedding. This can range from things that will happen in the honeymoon, after the couple's first meal together, and the like.

The group of artists who was able to impress the bride-to-be the most, wins this activity.


Want more bridal shower games? More bridal shower theme ideas and game candidates here.


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