The Bridalshower Games on this page is a Cocktail Bingo. Perfect as a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party Game!


Be sure to check out the instructions of our bridalshower games for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

The bridalshower games on this page is called Cocktail Bingo because it's a bingo game that features names of different names of cocktails instead of numbers that come with typical bingo games, or even words related to bridal showers, bride to bes, and weddings which comes with bridal shower bingos.

If you think this is a great addition to the bridal shower you're planning for your friend, then this is where you can find the rest of our bingo cards, since we're pretty sure that you will need more than the two bingo cards found on this page.

If this doesn't match the bridal shower game you have in mind, no worries, since one thing for sure, we have lots of game ideas.  We suggest you start first with our bridal shower games main page, wherein our printable games are found on the top section, while the bottom contains games that are more traditional and popular with different bridal shower throwers. And of course you can also check our bachelorette party games, which contains some of our naughtier and sexy wedding-related games.



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If you want more game options, and don't mind going for more active games, you can also look at our different bridal shower themes, and from there navigate to your preferred theme, and you will arrive at a page which contains tons of tips and ideas on how throw an AMAZING bridal shower, and one of these many tips include game ideas designed for that specific theme. We think at this point, you will really have tons of choices for your bridalshower games.


How to get our bridalshower games cards:

All our bridalshower games cards are saved as JPEG files, meaning they are images, which means the method you use on getting other images around the net will help you get said bingo cards. And since you will need more than two cards, get more cards here, and just follow your typical image saving instructions until you reach the right number of bingo cards that will fit your event.

And since this is still a bingo game, albeit with some twist, it will still be played like typical bingo wherein a host calls out a word, the players try to find a match, until someone makes a line match, whether it is a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line match, and therefore winning the game. We said you can play it this way, but if you can think of a twist or two that you can implement to make this game extra fun, that's definitely a cool idea, and we say go for it!

Another cocktail themed bridalshower games:

Why play the pen and paper version when playing a cocktail game beyond paper can be a lot more fun.

If that didn't scare you because it will mean more preparation than just printing our Cocktail Bingo, then how about a cocktail themed memory game? Basically, you will need lots of cocktails, number them, and ask each of your guest to go through each, take a sip or two, then make sure they remember which number corresponds to which cocktail name. We will leave to you whether to make them guess what cocktail it is based on the slight sip they made, although you can always give them the name of the cocktail and just have them make sure they remember which one is on which number. Either version will be a great bridalshower games, if we may say so.



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