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If the bride to be wants a very solemn bridal shower, then a Christian bridal shower should be considered. You can find different Christian bridal shower games and ideas on this page that will work nicely with your other Christian shower ideas.

However, solemn does not mean not fun. There are lots of creative ways to make this event an amazing party! And the cool thing is, a Christian bridal shower can also give you lots of options to give the bride and groom something they'll appreciate. Whether it's a donation in their name to their favorite charity or sending them to a trip to Europe or to a remote beach somewhere where they will just enjoy a peaceful and solemn moment as man and wife, either will definitely make this wedding shower a very remarkable event.


Free Shower Invitation

Throwing your girl friend a bridal shower? Our bridal shower invitation, thank you cards, and miscellaneous cards for this theme are all here.

We have also prepared these free bridal shower cliparts for those who want to challenge their creativity and make their own cards.


Bridal Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based bridal shower or bachelorette party! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Bridal Shower Menu

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Bridal Shower Game Ideas


Christian Bridal Shower Games



Need more printable games ? Tons of printable shower games available here!



Bible Couples (Clean Fun)

You need to review your bible and choose some bible couples that you can use for this game. That shouldn't be problem since this info are just a few google away.

As your guests arrive, give them a slip of paper that contains a name that represents one of the name of your bible couple. Make sure that you distribute even numbers of men and women names, since the idea here is for each of your guests to find and match the name they're holding to its corresponding partner in the shortest amount time.

The couple who was able to "find each other" the fastest wins the game. To make this a perfect getting to know activity, each of the player need to tell three trivias about their guest partner for them to be able to claim their prize. If they can't, then the next couple with the best time and who was able to fulfill said criteria will win instead.

GrapeFind (Clean Fun)

Grape (in the form of wine) plays a great role in the bible and since a bridal shower definitely requires some celebrating, a grape or wine-related game is welcome.

Prepare different kinds of wine and other non-alcoholic drinks. The goal of the game is for each player to pick which drinks include grapes as one of its components. To make this game more challenging, you can blindfold each player when it's their turn to guess. You can also make it a rule that they need to make their guess by just sniffing each drink.

Be sure to add lots of red herrings to make this a tough task even to your best connoisseur.

Guess It, Sing It (Clean Fun)

Prepare a list of bride-to-be's favorite Christian songs and prepare some music clips of each song.

Have each player pick a number, wherein each number represents a song that the host will play. The player must be able to guess the title correctly and sing a whole line from the song. The player must choose and sing a line that was not included in the music clip.

The player with the most number of correct answers within the time limit will win the game. Be sure to prepare extra clips just in case you need to break a tie or two.

Grape Race (Clean Fun)

This may get a wee bit messy, but this will be a fun game in any bridal shower.

The idea is to find all the grapes from a tub of cream and eat the grapes as you find them. The person who was able to find and finish off the grapes at the shortest time possible wins the game.


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