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If there’s something about the Christmas season which makes the bride-to-be giddy with joy, then we’re pretty sure that she's up to a Christmas bridal shower! Make sure you check out our different ideas since we’re pretty sure we can give you an idea or two on how to make a double celebration this Christmas season.


Free Shower Invitation

Throwing your girl friend a bridal shower? Our bridal shower invitation, thank you cards, and miscellaneous cards for this theme are all here.

We have also prepared these free bridal shower cliparts for those who want to challenge their creativity and make their own cards.

Bridal Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based bridal shower or bachelorette party! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Bridal Shower Menu

Who says your chosen theme will not be present in your menu? When we say it's everywhere, we mean it's everywhere! Here's our party menu for this theme.

Bridal Shower Game Ideas



Need more printable games ? Tons of printable shower games available here!


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The Great Christmas Underwear Race (Clean Fun)

This game is a race to find the most number of matching bras and panties from a tub full of undies. You can either buy/borrow different bras and panties for this game, or just buy some disposable ones and customize them so as to make each one different from the other. Be sure to throw in unmatched bras and panties so as to make this game more challenging and fun!

The prize will go to the group who was able to find the most number of matching bras and panties within the time limit.

To make this a perfect addition to your Christmas shower, you can single out designs that reminds you of this merry season (eg. Mistletoe, Christmas tree, etc).

My Favorite Christmas Fare (Clean Fun)

This is a great opportunity to let the new bride into your family’s secret recipes for some Christmas favorites. Although only one person/group can be declared the winner, this is the chance of all the bride’s friends to give her something that she will find useful when she finally has to prepare her first Christmas feast for her new husband (and family).

Each group will be given a budget, wherein each must buy the necessary ingredients, turn those ingredients into something edible and impress the other guests and of course, the new bride.

Everything must be done within a particular time limit, and players must keep their receipts so as to ensure that everybody does not exceed the given budget.

The group who got the most number of thumbs up, did not exceed their budget and has everything done within the time limit will win this food fight.

Kissing Santa (Clean Fun/Naughty)

This is the Christmas bridal shower version of the Pin The Tail On The Donkey party game.

To make this a cool addition to your bridal shower, make sure you get an image or a poster of a “Santa” with one sexy bod (they’re quite easy to find with the help of a few googling tricks). And similar to the original game, players need to be blindfolded when each attempts to kiss Santa on the target area. We will leave the choosing of the target to you, which will greatly depend on whether you want this to be a clean game or just a wee bit naughty.

The person who was able to place a kiss nearest to the target will be the winner. To add more to the Christmas spirit, we think a lipstick shade in either green or red will be very fitting.

Naughty or Nice (Clean Fun/Naughty)

Also known as the truth or dare game, but with a cool twist – it can be a nice truth or dare and of course the more intriguing naughty counter part.

It will start out like a typical truth or dare game, wherein you can just spin a bottle to see who will the take the next truth or dare challenge. Once you’ve pinpointed a person, she will need to draw a choice on whether she will go for a nice or naughty truth or a challenging dare.

No winners, but we bet you will know your friends better after the party and that is definitely priceless!

We highly recommend you coming up with your own list, but we have prepared this initial list of naughty/nice questions and dares that you can customize:

Nice Truths:

Describe your perfect kiss
At what age did you receive your first kiss?
What is your dream date?
Describe your most romantic date yet
What was the most romantic gift you received?
Who’s your favorite romantic fiction hero?
Do you believe in true love?
Describe your dream wedding
Describe your dream guy
Describe your most embarrassing date
What’s your most favorite romance novel and why?
What’s your ultimate romantic movie?
Do you believe that there’s only one guy for every woman?
Do you believe in fate?
What will make you fall in love with a guy?

Naughty Qs:

Have you ever lied to your boyfriend/husband? What about?
Describe a most recent naughty dream
What’s your favorite position when you make love?
Have you ever cheated your boyfriend/husband?
Describe your favorite sexual fantasy
Have you ever faked it?
Have you ever kissed a girl?
At what age did you have your first time?
Where did your first time happen?
What is your weirdest sexual encounter?
Have you ever had a one night stand?
Describe the naughtiest thing you and your boyfriend/husband have done
Do you practice phone sex?

Nice Dares:

Model a sexy lingerie
Strike a sexy pose
Sing bride to be’s favorite love song
Wash the dirty dishes
Iron the bride to be’s dress
Recite your favorite love poem (with feelings)
Text I Have a Crush On You to your crush
Shake your derriere to Beyonce’s Single Ladies
Read a line or two from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with feelings (we love the scene where Mr. Darcy confesses his love to his darling Elizabeth, so romantic!)
Demonstrate a cool kiss

Naughty Activities:

Kiss a girl from your group
Drink eggnog from a naughty straw
Play with a sex toy
Make some sexual sounds
Sing a bawdy song
Do a lap dance
Do a striptease
Suck your fingers sexily
Dance and flash some cleavage
Read from a romance book’s sex scene (with feelings)

Of course, you can also leave the actual questions and tasks to your guests and just give a gift to the one who can come up with the nicest or naughtiest stunt. Try beating that, Santa!


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