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Country themed bridal shower anyone? Whether she’s originally from the country and would love to go back, or she grew up in the Metropolis but is a country girl at heart, a country-themed shower will be something she will love.  So why not shower her with anything that can help her enjoy the country more? From a free trip for her and her soon to be hubby to the nearest countryside, a restful stay at a nice country inn, or maybe a bunch of the freshest organic produce that you and your friends can find, those are just some of the things that you can treat her to as part of her bridal send-off


Free Shower Invitation

Throwing her a country themed bridal shower? If you are looking for bridal shower invitations that will work well with all the other country themed preparations you made, then make sure you check out our invitation ideas here.

Each of our invitation comes with a ready to use invitation template, a thank you card, and a blank card just in case you want to customize your invitation wordings. Now if you plan to create your invitation from scratch, then these free bridal shower cliparts are worth checking out.


Sample Country Themed Bridal Shower Invites

We have yet to add exclusive country themed bridal shower invites but we think this invitation is quite pretty, despite the lack of bride in the picture.

So if you love this as well, make sure you get our country themed bridal shower invitations.



Country Themed Bridal Shower Decoration

Great decorations are a MUST and is one of the easy way to setup the right theme-based atmosphere for the bridal send off party you are planning for your friend. No idea where to start your country themed bridal shower decorations? We say start with these ideas and just personalize and customize them as you go along.


Country Themed Bridal Shower Menu

Your chosen bridal shower theme can be everywhere, including on the food you will serve your guests. If you can't imagine how to do so, then you must check out our party menu ideas for this theme.


Country Bridal Shower Games


Ready To Print Bridal Shower Games





The games above are not designed specifically for country themed bridal shower, but they are great candidates on any bridal shower

Need more printable games ? Tons of printable shower games available here!




Sing Me A Country Love Song (Clean Fun)

It’s time to challenge your guests’ singing prowess, specifically in relation to country love songs.

But before they carry a tune, they need to guess first the title of the song being played. After they guessed the title correctly, they need to sing a line or two to prove to everyone that they know the song, and their getting it right was not due to a lucky guess.

The group/individual who were able to guess and sing the most number of country love songs properly, will win a Friends of the <Bride To Be’s Name> award.>

And to make sure you can play this game without a glitch, make sure you prepare tons of country love song music clips (prepare more than you need just in case you need to break a tie or two), and have the lyrics of the song handy. For cases wherein the song was sung with a slight difference from the original lyrics, have the bride to be judge if it’s similar enough to the original and thus a point can be awarded, or too different, so better luck next time.

Ring In A Haystack (Clean Fun)

You will need some plastic engagement rings to play this game. Also some hay, in which your engagement rings will be “hidden”.

This is a pretty straightforward game, and the goal of each person/group is to find the most number of rings in the given amount of time. The group/individual who was able to find the most number of rings within said time definitely deserve a prize or something.

To make sure your players won’t suffer from their hay tossing, you can choose to prepare some disposable gloves for their use.

To have the whole countrified experience, we suggest having real hay or something near it when playing this game. If you think the presence of hay will make it too messy, then this means you will just play it like a typical treasure hunt game, which should still be quite fun.

Berry Sweet (Clean Fun)

Time to teach the bride to be some berry-based dessert that she can prepare for her honey. Since this is for a country-themed shower, only the sweetest and freshest berries are welcome to this food fight activity.

Depending on how much flexibility you want to give to your guests, you can choose to just give them a budget and have them buy their own ingredients. Or you can ask the bride to be for any preference, which can limit the ingredient to a certain set only.

The group who was able to satisfy the bride to be’s sweet tooth best, deserves the sweetest kiss and hug from the bride to be. And make sure each group writes down their dessert recipes, since increasing the bride to be’s food repertoire is a good benefit of any bridal showers.

Or why settle for plain writing, when you can take an actual video of the food preparation? We bet the bride to be will appreciate the latter more, so before the day of the shower, borrow some nice video camera from relatives and friends, and have each group record their endeavor. Talk about a modern take to a very traditional bridal activity.

Beer Dance (Clean Fun)

This is actually the countrified version of the popular game Music Chairs. But instead of each players doing the “dancing”, it will be two beer bottles which will do so, one in clockwise direction, while the other is counter-clockwise.

When the music stops, whoever has the bottle will need to finish the content fast. The slower drinker will be out of the game, the music will resume, and the beer dancing will start all over again.

And if you’re worried about your friends becoming too drunk to enjoy this special day with bride to be, you can water down your beers. Just still serve them on their original bottles since that has more pizzazz.


Want more bridal shower games for your country themed bridal shower? More country themed bridal shower game candidates here.


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