Bridal Shower Invitations For Couple Shower Themes, Thank You Cards, and Blank Cards


Be sure to check out the instructions of our couple shower themes invitation for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

If you are looking for an invitation that will work for your couple shower themes, that’s perfect since that is what we have here on this page, one of our many couple themed bridal shower invitations. This one shows our cute couple, which is just fitting especially if both the bride and groom to be has decided to make this day extra special because they will both enjoy this day with guests and friends. Since this is just one of our many invites, we also invite you to check our other coed bridal shower invitations.

Now if you are not yet on the finding an invitation stage, since you still are looking for more couple shower themes preparation ideas, we suggest you check out our coed bridal shower theme to get your hands on decoration tips, food ideas, theme-based games and a lot more. We would like to highlight if you are interested on couple themed games, we have free printable games that comes with the right couple twist, and you can check out the lot at our bridal shower games main page.


CREATIVE Free Bridal Shower Invitations



CREATIVE Bridal Shower Thank You Cards




CREATIVE Bridal Shower Cards



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Get our couple shower themes invitation:

Getting our free couple shower themes invitation templates is quite simple. You will find three types of templates here, one is our ready to use invitation, the next is our thank you card, and the last one is our blank card. All are saved as images and you can get them the same way you get other images from the net, which is to do a right click on the image you want, choose Save File/Image As depending on your browser, and saving it at C:\Invites or your preferred image folder.

Before you proceed on using said templates, first, let’s discuss what each template is all about. The ready to use invite, as the name implies, is the template to go for if you just want something that you can just fill up with your relevant party info. This is one of the way you can approach your bridal shower invitations, although if you have every plan to come up with your own wordings and doing your own inviting, we suggest that you consider the blank card, since with the background and design already set, you don’t have to worry about it and you can just concentrate your efforts on coming up with cool invitation wordings that will wow your guests into RSVPing.

And just in case it will be too difficult for you to come up with your very own prose, no worries since you can still personalize despite of this since there are lots of free invitation wordings around the net. Just choose one that fits the bride and groom to be to a T, make use of our free blank template and you’re on your way to creating a cool bridal shower invitation. And if you still have the time and inclination, you can actually elevate your invitation further by finding an appropriate font instead of just settling with the first font you can find on your computer. There are lots of free fonts around the net, so just choose one that you think will be perfect with these templates. It might include some trial and error since what you see from the preview is not necessarily what you will get. But based from experience, finding the right font can really do a lot on elevating the prettiness of these invitations , so we highly recommend that you take time to find the right one!

Once you have settled on the right couple shower themes template, you can edit and add your pertinent details using your favorite image editor. Or another way is to make use of Microsoft Word so just insert the template in a blank document, insert a text box on top of it, and from there you can already fill things up with your party details or your wordings. Now if you are using the ready to use template, we also suggest that you go for the one text box per field approach. This will really help ease up navigation and making sure your added text is aligned to the text that comes with the invitation by default.

As for the thank you note card, its use is pretty straightforward, which is to express the couple’s gratitude for the wonderful time, and of course the nice bridal send off gifts.



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