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Be sure to check out the instructions of our couple wedding shower games for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Finding a couple wedding shower games that will work greatly with your other couple themed preparations is not a problem at all. In fact, if you like a game that is all about couples, albeit couples of the animal variety, you might like the bingo game we have here, which is one of our numerous couple bridal shower games. If this strike your fancy, then make sure you get the rest of our bingo cards for this game on our main couple bridal shower games page.

If you are still thinking twice about this game, or you are open to more couple wedding shower games, you might want to look into our coed bridal shower ideas, which also comes with some game ideas designed for couples. Now if you are looking for more couple games of the printable variety, make sure you check our main bridal shower games page, specifically the top section where we have placed our free pen and paper games.


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How to get our couple wedding shower games:

You will find two bingo cards related to this couple wedding shower games on this page, and to get them, you just need to follow your typical method of getting images from the net since these are saved as JPEG files. Just do a right click on the image you want, choose to save the file, and just save it on your preferred folder which can be your C:\Bingo or other folders.

How to play this couple wedding shower games:

This couple wedding shower games is actually played the same way you play bingo games of old – you will need to print the word list found on our main game page, print it out, cut, fold and have a host draw it one word at a time, while players will need to check the different words found at their bingo cards to see if they have a match. Please take note that the bingo words are not associated or tied up to specific columns, the same way the numbers that come with bingo games of old. This means that the host will need to consider this on how she can pace the calling out of the words since every time a word is called out, each player will need to check the entire card contents just to make sure that they won’t miss an opportunity to cry bingo.

And speaking of crying bingo, you can play this with the traditional rule wherein the first player who makes a line match will be your winner. Yes, it can be a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line match at that. But when we say you can play it this way doesn’t mean you cannot play it some other way. In fact, if you can think of a twist to play this game that will suit your event better, we say go for it!

If you like the idea of a twist or two but have no idea what kind, here are some tips to start you with. How about playing it the multi-group way? If you do decide to pursue this,  you will have numerous groups playing simultaneously on the lower levels, wherein each group will be dealt the same set of cards as the other groups. So if you have a winner from one group, there are expected to be winners from the other groups, wherein winners will move up a notch and will compete with fellow winners on higher levels. This will be true, having multiple groups playing simultaneously that is, on all levels except for the final level.

You can stop there but we do have another twist in mind which we think will complement the multi-group idea. Instead of sticking to traditional line match rule for all levels, why not have different goals on level 2 onwards? Some other rules that you can consider includes a goal wherein there will be an X mark on the card of the winner or matching all the words found on the outermost square of the bingo cards. And as already mentioned above, these are ideas that can already work as it is, although as always, we encourage you to customize since that is an important ingredient to make your event better, and the same goes for this couples wedding shower game.



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