FREE Couples Bridal Shower Ideas and Printable Decorations

Couples Bridal Shower Ideas and Decorations


The couples bridal shower ideas you will find here is the decoration kind, some tips that can help you set the right atmosphere for her bridal shower, plus some free printable decorations that can help you with your banner, wall and ceiling decors, and even something that can top your pastries if you need one. We also have more couple bridal shower decoration designs if you want to keep your options open.

If you want your couples bridal shower ideas to be beyond decorations, we suggest you check our coed bridal shower ideas, which include free invitation templates, game ideas, food tips and a lot more so we say just check it out for yourself.



The preview on the left shows how this bridal shower banner will look like. We designed said banner so that it will be quite easy for you to hang them according to your preference. And before we forget, our banner is saved as a PDF file, which means you need to have an Adobe Reader or similar reader installed so you can use it. And make sure you do a right click on the link above, so that you can save said printable locally instead of just opening it from your web browser.

Open the PDF file using your PDF reader. Print it on the right material with the right printer settings on how you want your banner to appear. All done? Next you will need to cut out each of the banner piece before you can assemble them according to your preference.

One banner approach is to punch two holes on each banner piece and string everything along via said holes. Just like that, your banner is ready to be hanged. Another approach, which we think is more straightforward is to post each of the banner pieces on one of your party room walls. Another is to use a rectangle cloth - glue all your banner pieces there and what you will basically hang is the cloth with your banner pieces attached.  These are just some of your choices, decide which of these will work great on your event, and of course feel free to go beyond these hanging options if you have a more fitting alternative in mind.




Ready To Use Bridal Shower Decorations


Red, White & Pretty Pink Party Kit







We have lots of couple bridal shower ideas, the decoration kind that is, wherein these small printables will fit right in.

Looking for something that can decorate your ceiling? We like the idea of mixing these small printables with the big ones (see below), stringing everything together and hanging them from your ceiling! Another idea is to use these to show your table number, which you will find useful if you have enough guest such that numbering your tables will make sense.

Because of their small size, these are also great as food decorations. Want something to top your brownies, cupcakes or other pastries? You might want to give these a try. Just print one of these on your cardboard stock, cut them out, and each of these can serve as your pastry topper!

The above are just some of the couple bridal shower ideas we have on how you can approach your shower’s decoration. But if you do think these small printables will help on your preparations, then make sure you download our couples bridal shower ideas, small printable collection.



Size matters, at least when talking about your decorations, especially if you are decorating areas beyond eye level or some other area wherein you will need something bigger than the above-provided small printables.

As already mentioned above, these big printables will work greatly with the small ones as your ceiling decoration. And since decorating your walls will require something of bigger size, that is where this big collection will come in.

Another couples bridal shower idea we have is for these to be used as part of your centerpiece decoration. It might be quite big as it is, but the great thing about images like this is that resizing to a smaller size is not a problem versus the other way around. So if you have settled on flowers as your centerpiece decoration, we suggest you use some nice looking jars, flower vase or a used wine bottle to serve as vase to your wonderful blooms, surround it with a ribbon, and just glue one of these big printables right there at the middle. You might want to stick to its original size, but just in case you need to make it smaller, just use your favorite image editor to accomplish this.

Please take note that the above couple bridal shower ideas and decorations can go beyond centerpiece decorations, so if you love the idea of this big printable collection, get the lot of our couples bridal shower ideas right here.





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