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Couples shower games anyone? The game on this page comes with a couple twist, since it's a bingo game that is all about the names of couples, couples of the animal variety that is. And to give you more idea, it's all about a bingo game which features Tiger and Tigress, Lion and his Lioness, instead of the typical numbers that come with bingo games of old. If that tickled your fancy, and you think this is a fitting couples shower games to include on your friend's event, then read on for more instructions on how to get this game.

But if this didn't strike your fancy or the bride to be's interest, there's nothing to worry about since we have other bridal shower games that you can consider. If you visit our bridal shower games page, you can find other printable couples shower games. And we do have sexy games that we think are perfect for events wherein the bride and groom to be and maybe other couples will be in attendance. Check the lot at our bachelorette party games page, which contains our naughtier and sexier games.


If you are not limiting your couples shower games to just the printable kind, we also suggest you check our couple bridal shower theme page, which contains lots of ideas, couples shower games included.



Animal Couples Shower Games Bingo

Couples Bridal Games Card 1 & 2

Couples Bridal Game Card 3 & 4

Couples Bridal Game Card 5 & 6

Couples Bridal Game Card 7 & 8

Couples Bridal Game Card 9 & 10

Couples Bridal Game Card 11 & 12


Couples Bridal Game Card 13 & 14

Couples Bridal Game Card 15 & 16

Couples Bridal Game Card 17 & 18

Couples Bridal Game Card 19 & 20

Couples Bridal Game Card 21 & 22

Couples Bridal Game Card 23 & 24



Naughty Bridal Shower Games

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Animal Couples Bingo Word List





How to get our couples shower games:

The links provided above will lead you to a page that contains two bingo cards. All our bingo cards are saved as images, so to get them, just follow the steps you usually use to get images around the net. Yes we mean those steps that include doing a right click on the image, choosing Save File/Image As, and saving it to a specific folder on your computer.  And since we're pretty sure you will need more than two cards even if your event is pretty small, just navigate to the other provided links above, and follow your image saving method until you reach the right number of bingo cards for your event.

And just in case you have more guests than the bingo cards we have provided, we say just print two copies of some of the cards and just in case there will be more winner because of this approach, we think that is not really a bad thing, if we may say so.

Alternative couples shower games:

Just in case you are interested, playing the active or more physical version of this animal pair bingo game is also something you can consider, especially if you have yet to find a nice getting to know game for your event. We say print the names of the male on one piece of paper, and have their female counterpart printed on another. And the goal of your guests is that armed with their half of a pair, they need to find their "perfect pair" within the shortest amount of time. If your guests are made up of couples, you can do it in a way wherein each couple will need to find the other couple who have their match. And if you do decide to add some tasks like knowing the other couple's name and some trivia about the other couple, we will leave the details to you, just so you know you can also add this kind of twist to this activity, and just add this in if this is something that will suit your guests and friends.



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