Decorating For A Bridal Shower Ideas, perfect for Pirate Themed Wedding Showers

Decorating For A Bridal Shower (Pirate)


Decorating for a bridal shower? What you can find here are our decoration ideas for pirate themed bridal showers and bachelorette parties, which is why you will find the lot to be composed of blacks, whites and different shades of pink. If she is not so fond of treasure hunts and such, this is where you can find our other theme-based bridal shower decoration tips.  If you love the idea of a pirate themed bridal send-off party but you would like to see our other decorating for a bridal shower with pirate accents printables, this is where you can find the lot. But don’t just focus on our printable decorations. Read through our different ideas on how to set the right atmosphere for this theme, while the provided printables will be great supplement to whatever decorations you are planning or already have so far.

Here on this page, you will find one of our decorating for a bridal shower printables. You will find a shower banner that you can place strategically on your shower room, some big printables that can help you decorate your walls and ceiling, plus some smaller circles and squares which you can use as a favor box accent, cupcake toppers and other printable needs that require something of small shape. Make sure you have your PDF reader handy since all the freebies on this page are saved as PDF files.


The preview for this banner is seen on the left, so if you think this bridal shower banner will be a great addition to your other ideas for decorating a bridal shower, this is where you can download the banner pieces. Just do a right click on said link so you can download the PDF instead of just opening it from your browser.

Once you have a local copy, open the PDF file, print the contents using the right paper material where you want your banner to appear on. The next step is to bring out your cutting materials since you will need to cut out each banner piece.

Now how to hang your banner. The most straightforward way is to just attach them on one of the wall in your party room. Another option is to cut two opposite holes per banner piece, insert a string on said holes and string everything along.  Those are just some of the typical ways you can hang your banner, but as always, you need not be limited to this since you have more information of your party location, and can better decide if the other approach you have in mind will work or not.




Ready To Use Bridal Shower Decorations


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This is our small printable collection, which is composed of small square and circle printables. Some of the common usage of these printables is to make use of them as cupcake toppers – just print them on cardboard-like paper, attach each on a toothpick and they’re ready to decorate your cupcakes or brownies and other small pastries and snacks.

Another use that we have in mind for these is when you are creating your own favor box. You can choose to use plain favor box templates and just make use of these small printables to “bring” your theme to your favor box. Just print these small printables on a sticker paper, and just attach one at the bottom or the side of your favor box. Or if you think it’s more fitting, use one of these to close the lid of your favor container. We think that’s a very nice touch indeed.

If you think you can use this for your different printable needs, this is where you can get our decorating for a bridal shower, small printable collection


This is the bigger version of the previous printables, and we recommend you use these on your different printable needs wherein size, bigger size that is, matters. This can be because you are decorating areas higher than eye level, since you need buntings for your ceiling and decors for your walls, and so on.

Click here so you can get our decorating for a bridal shower, big printable collection.





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