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Be sure to check out the instructions of our DIY bachelorette party invitations for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

What you can find here is one of our many DIY bachelorette party invitations for lingerie themed showers. Now why lingerie themed? Lingerie themed parties are quite popular whether as a bridal shower or a bachelorette party, which is why we made sure we have lots of invitation designs that you can choose from. So if this didn’t strike your fancy, there are still lots of other choices at our lingerie themed DIY bachelorette party invitations main page.

Now if you have a different idea for your DIY bachelorette party invitations, whether you are searching for something related to a specific theme or just something that will work for bachelorettes in general, you might want to check our other bachelorette invitations.



CREATIVE Free Bachelorette Invitations



CREATIVE Bachelorette Thank You Cards





CREATIVE Bachelorette Cards



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How to get our different DIY bachelorette party invitations:

You will find three templates on this page, the first one is our ready to use invitation, followed by our thank you card and last but not the least, is our blank template.

All are saved as JPEG files that you can download when you do a right click on the template you want, choose Save File As from your options and just keep in mind where you saved it since you will need this when you are about to create and do your invitations yourself.

Edit and customize, DIY bachelorette party invitation tips:

Doing your invitation yourself has never been easier with the help of our ready to use invitation template, which is the first template we have here. It already comes with fields that you can just fill out, no need to come up with prose and nice words, just a straightforward filling up of your party information.

Expressing your gratitude to your guests and friends is also quite easy, because we have a ready to use thank you notes card included as part of this DIY bachelorette party invitation “package”. Assuming that you like it as it is, no editing needed, you just need to decide whether to have this sent via email or via Mr. Postman. We did mention that it is quite easy, right?

But if you do think you are up to more customizations when you do your invitations, you can use our blank template and just add your customized wordings that will WOW your guests. Just read on succeeding instructions on how you can add your text to our templates whether you are going for the ready to use invite or the blank template. But before we proceed with that, we would just like to highlight that we have more blank templates found at our bridal shower invitations page. They were not exactly designed for bachelorette parties, but since it's blank anyway and are still designed with getting married in mind, we think it's a good idea for you to check them out since they will definitely give you more invitation options for her bridal send-off party.

How to add your party information and/or invitation wordings:

Adding text to images is a basic function that comes with image editing tools so if you have a favorite tool for editing pictures, then just open the template you’ve chosen on your image application and add your text accordingly. Now what if you don’t have an image editing tool, favorite or otherwise?

We say use Microsoft Word since you can accomplish the same thing via said document application. Just insert your template on a blank document, then on top of it, insert a textbox. If you are using the ready to use template, we recommend you insert one textbox per field. If you are using the blank template, inserting one textbox should do the trick, just resize it if you need more space. And just type in your text inside said textbox, save it, and if you are sending this via traditional mail, then make sure you choose a nice paper when you print since as with other printed invitations, the type of paper can improve the overall look and feel of your invites.




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