Fall Themed Bridal Shower Invitations, Thank You Note Cards and Blank Templates


Be sure to check out our instructions for our fall themed bridal shower invitations for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

We think elements of fall and our cute bride really meshed well on this bridal shower invite. It is quite simple yet pretty, but of course that can be just us. But if you agree that this is indeed a nice invitation, something that will work for the upcoming fall themed bridal shower you are planning for your friend, then great, make sure you read through our instructions on how to get and download these templates on your computer.

If you prefer to look at other designs of fall themed invites, click here to visit our main fall themed bridal shower invitations page.

And although not explicitly designed with fall elements, our general bridal shower invites are designed to work with all types of showers, so we don’t see any reason why they will not work on your fall themed bridal send-off party. Plus, each of our invitation comes with a Theme field  which you can fill out to indicate your chosen theme. But why take our word for it. Just go visit said page and decide for yourself which one will work best for your event.



CREATIVE Free Bridal Shower Invitations



CREATIVE Bridal Shower Thank You Cards





CREATIVE Bridal Shower Cards




Ready To Use Bridal Invitations





How to get our fall themed bridal shower invitations:

For all our bridal shower invitations, we made sure that there will be three templates per invitation design and it is also true for our fall themed bridal shower invitations. Find our ready to use template, a thank you note card and a blank card, in which all tried to marry fall and elements to getting married. All said templates are saved as images so just follow your typical method of downloading images from the net so that you can get these saved locally.

To use the “ready to use” template or not. Most likely that will be one of the questions you will need to ask yourself when you finally tackle your fall themed bridal shower invitations. Do you like the idea of  just adding your party information to your invitation and it is ready to go? Do you think coming up with your own invitation wordings or at the very least, searching around the net for the right invitation wordings, is too much effort?  If you answered Yes to one or both questions, then the ready to use invite might just be the right template for your use since this was the very idea why we came up with this.

But if you believe that your invitation will be more effective in enticing your guests to RSVP with some “personal” invitation words from you, then we suggest you make use of the blank card. And since said card comes with the same design as the other templates, this means you don’t need to bother yourself too much with regards to invitation design so you can concentrate your efforts on coming up with your own wordings and WOWing your guests in the process.

With either fall themed bridal shower invitation templates, you can use your favorite image editor to add your party information or your invitation wordings. Or if you don’t have any favorite editor to speak of, why don’t you try using Microsoft Word instead?

Using Microsoft Word to add your pertinent info is not difficult at all. Just insert the template you want to use in a blank document, insert one text box per field if you are using the ready to use template, a single text box for the whole card if you are using the blank card which has no field at all, type in your information inside the text box,  save it, then voila, your invitations are ready to be delivered either as an email or via traditional mail. And just in case you’re wondering why you need the per field approach for the ready to use template, this is so as to make it easy for you to navigate and make sure whatever text you add are aligned with the text that comes with the template by default.

And last but not the least, expressing your gratitude to guests and friends has never been easier. You can choose to use the thank you note card that comes on this page, meaning the same design as your invitation. Or you can always check out other thank you cards from other designs, since there’s really no rule that everything you need to use should be of the same design. If mixing and matching is the better way to go for your event, well, that’s definitely not a bad thing since such customization and personalization will improve any bridal shower.




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