Famous Couples Bridal Shower Game: Enjoy a Bingo Game which features Famous TV Fictional Characters!

Looking for famous couples bridal shower game? The game on this page is a bingo game, one that features famous couples , fictional TV couples at that. Since many of these couples starred at famous TV series, you will find their names quite familiar, although we did include some couples that are not the primary male and female protagonists, from the parents of the main stars to friends and such.

Since it’s still about couples, we think this will work perfectly as one of your bridal shower activities, especially if the bride and groom to be has decided to be both present on the day of the shower. We have prepared lots of bingo cards just in case you are throwing a big shower, and just navigate to each of the link provided on this page so as to get to our different bingo cards for this game. We also have other couple themed bridal shower games, but instead of featuring famous couples, we have couples of the animal variety, so it’s all about Jack and his Jill, Lion and his Lioness and so on. If your favorite couple doesn’t mind going naughty, we would like to pitch in our Kama Sutra themed games, wherein one comes as a bingo game, and will be a great hit to people who would rather wait out for words to be called out, while one version is a hunt or search game, and will be perfect if your guests prefer this game approach.

We pegged either versions of said game as one of our naughtier bachelorette games, but we don’t see any problem if you do decide to add said activity to a coed themed bridal shower, as long as the couples to be and your other guests won’t mind this more mature game. Or better yet, just visit our bridal shower games and bachelorette party games main pages so that you can see for yourself what games can work for your upcoming bridal shower.

All our famous couples bridal shower game cards come in image format, and you can download all the game cards you need by doing a right click on the image and choosing Save File/Image As when prompted.

There are two cards found on each page. To get more, just navigate on the provided links, follow the saving instructions indicated above, until you download all the cards you need for your coed themed bridal shower.



Famous Couples Bridal Shower Game

Famous Couples Bingo Card 1 & 2

Famous Couples Bingo Card 3 & 4

Famous Couples Bingo Card 5 & 6

Famous Couples Bingo Card 7 & 8

Famous Couples Bingo Card 9 & 10

Famous Couples Bingo Card 11 & 12

Famous Couples Bingo Card 13 & 14

Famous Couples Bingo Card 15 & 16


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Get your married &/or knowledgeable friends to share comments and testimonials on each position as it is drawn and called by your game host!



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Famous Couples Bridal Shower Game

Word List





Famous Couples Bridal Shower Game Twist:

Why not play this game differently? If you follow our idea, you will still be able to make use of the name list we have provided (aka bingo word list), but instead of playing it the bingo way, why not ask your players to match the male character to the right female one? You can choose to do this as another printable game, but you will need to create your own printable game cards since we don’t have ready made stuff for you. Another approach is to turn this into a nice getting to know activity, wherein each player will need to draw a name, and everyone needs to find their perfect pair within the shortest amount of time.

On either game ideas, the player(s) who was able to achieve the goal within the shortest amount of time is your winner(s)!



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