Famous TV Couples Bridal Shower Game : Have a Bingo Fun with the right Couple Twist with the Bride To Be and her Soon To Be Hubby


Be sure to check out the instructions of our famous TV couples bridal shower game for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Throwing them a couple themed shower? Or maybe you just think a game which features couples is a necessary addition to her bridal send-off party. Whatever your reason, we would like to pitch this famous couples bridal shower game, which is a bingo game that features names of famous couples from television as part of its word list. And yes, we mean those couples like Eric and Annie Camden from 7th Heaven, Monica and Chandler Bing from Friends,  and the like. On this page, you can find two of our many bingo cards, but since we’re pretty sure you will need more than two, you can get more bingo cards on our famous TV couples bridal shower game bingo main page.

And speaking of couples, we have other types of couple themed games which you might want to look at since you are here anyway,  but they don’t feature TV couples. Instead, some are about animal pairs, which we think is still a great coed bridal shower game. Find out more on our bridal shower games main page.

And you can always check out our bachelorette party games page, since we have sexy and naughty games, which makes them fitting additions to couple themed shower, if we may say so.


Famous TV Couples Bridal Shower Game (Card 1)




Famous TV Couples Bridal Shower Games (Card 2)



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Get these famous TV couples bridal shower game:

Now what are you waiting for. Download these bingo cards that features names of famous TV couples! And since these are saved as images, you can do this by following your typical method of getting images from net, which involves you doing a right click on the image, choosing Save File/Image As, and saving your downloaded copy at C:\Bingo or your preferred image folder.

And since you can only find two cards on this page, we suggest you navigate back to our famous TV couples bingo page, follow the links provided there one page at a time, and do the image-saving instructions mentioned above until you have the right number of cards.

Now if we have less number of cards than your number of guests, we think printing more than one copy of some of the provided bingo cards is an easy solution. Of course you can always do it yourself, wherein you can make your own bingo cards with the help of some bingo maker sites (they are scattered around the net and are just a few google away!), and the fact that you can still use our list of famous TV couples as it is should save you lots of research time already. And with some image-editing techniques on your favorite image editor, you can even use the design/background of each our bingo card for your created bingo games.

Another famous TV couples bridal shower game idea:

If you think your guests will prefer a more active game than the version discussed on this page, why not turn this game into a nice getting to know activity, which involves your guests needing to find the other person/pair who has the other half of this famous fictional couple?

Yes we mean a matching game, wherein the male half of the couple will be assigned to one person or pair, while the other half is assigned to another. The goal of each half of the pair is to find each other within the shortest amount of time. The pair who were able to find their other half within the shortest time is of course your winner, but feel free to add some getting to know twist wherein each pair will need to know some kind of information about their other half before they can be declared a winner.


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