FREE Bachelorette Party Invitation Templates Designed For Lingerie Themed Parties. Also comes with FREE Thank You Notes


Be sure to check out the instructions of our free bachelorette party invitation templates for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Free bachelorette party invitation templates anyone? What we have here might just be what you are looking for so make sure you check them out. We designed these to work perfectly on lingerie themed bridal send-off parties, but we don’t see any reason why you can’t use it for non-lingerie themed bachelorettes, since lingerie on bridal send-off parties, quite perfect together!

If you like the idea of lingerie themed templates, just not this version, this is where you can find the rest of our free bachelorette party invitation templates for lingerie showers.

But make sure you check our other bachelorette invitations if you have something different in mind, or you just prefer to browse and check other invitation templates for bachelorettes.



CREATIVE Free Bachelorette Invitations



CREATIVE Bachelorette Thank You Cards






CREATIVE Bachelorette Cards



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Get our free bachelorette party invitation templates:

Getting these invitation templates is quite easy, primarily because these are saved as images, which means getting one or all of these is as simple as getting images across the net. Just go to the image you want, do a right click on it, then follow the succeeding instructions. Just take note of where you saved each since you will need them when you finally create your invitations.

Which is which, getting to know our free bachelorette party invitation templates:

You will find three similarly-designed templates here – the first is our ready to use invitation, followed by our thank you card, and last but not the least is our blank template.

We recommend our ready to use invitation if you love the idea of just adding your party information and your invitations are ready to be emailed or printed and sent via traditional mail. Our thank you card is also one of our ready to use template, but this time around, its main purpose is to express your and bride-to-be’s gratitude to her guests and friends, usually sent after the party.

And the last template can be used either as your invitation, thank you card if you want to customize your wordings and maybe add some embellishment here and there, or as a supplementary card for your vicinity map and the like.

All, as already mentioned above, are saved as images. Read through succeeding instructions for our tips on how you can add your text on said image templates.

Editing these free bachelorette party invitation templates:

Most of image editing tools come with a function that will allow you to add text on your images and since our templates are images, you can use one of said tools to add your party venue, date of the party for the ready to use invitation, and your invitation wordings if you are using the blank card.

If you are not comfortable to use image editing tools, did you know that you can also use Microsoft Word to do the same? Just insert your template on a blank document, and if you are using the ready to use invitation template, insert one textbox per field to make it easy for you to make sure whatever text you add will be aligned to the default invitation text. If you are using the blank card, just insert one textbox since it doesn’t come with any field anyway, so no need for you to go for the multi-box approach.

All done? Great, don’t forget to save it! If you are ready to send these out, of course with technology nowadays, sending your invite via email is a fast way to inform everyone about bride-to-be’s party, which hopefully means fast RSVPs! But there is something quite grand about getting invitations via post, so if you are opting for this approach, make sure you have the right material and paper color since this can really improve the overall look and feel of your invites. And to make sure you don’t waste that special paper, you might want to test your invitations on a simple bond paper just to make sure those great colors from your screen can still be great colors when you print them.




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