Looking for FREE Bridal Shower Bingo Template with an Alcohol Twist? Why not try our Cocktail Bingo?


Be sure to check out the instructions of our free bridal shower bingo template for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

This is one of our many bingo games, and this one in particular features the names of different cocktails, which we think makes it extra appropriate as a bridal shower game, and even as a bachelorette game. Orgasm, Blow Job, Hanky-Panky. Those are just some of the names that are part of this bingo game’s word list, so if you think this is a great idea, then make sure you get the bingo cards below, and the rest of our free bridal shower bingo template for this game.

If for one reason or another, you think this is not a good addition for the bride to be’s bridal send-off party, no worries, since this is just one of our many bingo games. Also, if you want to stick to other pen and paper games but beyond bingo, we also have those and you can find all our printable games on our bridal shower games main page.



FREE Bridal Shower Bingo Template (Card 11)




Bridal Shower Bingo Template (Card 12)



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And just in case you  change your mind and you open yourself to games that are more physical and active than bingo games, we recommend that you check out our traditional bridal shower games, found at our bridal shower games main page’s bottom section. Now if you are throwing her a theme-based shower, if we have an entry for your chosen theme (check out our bridal shower themes page), we also have game ideas found with our other theme-based tips.

How to get our free bridal shower bingo template:

You can find two free bridal shower bingo template on this page, which are both saved as images, the same as our other bingo game cards. You can get these plus the other cards, the same way you get other images from the net. And since we’re pretty sure you will need more than the two cards found here, make sure you click here to get more game cards.

How to play this free bridal shower bingo template:

This can be played like typical bingo, wherein the first player who finds a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line match gets to be the winner. But if are open to playing this with another twist, then we say read on since we have an idea or two on how to inject some twist and excitement to this very traditional game.

Why not play a multi-level bingo? What we mean is, you can have multiple levels, wherein each level, aside from the final level, will have simultaneous groups playing, each group will be dealt the same set of cards as the other group, and each group is expected to produce a winner, who will then move to the next level and compete with other winners. We also suggest that each level will have a different goal, and the higher the level, the more difficult the goal becomes.  On first level, you can still play it the same as traditional bingo, which is the player(s) who have a line match will be the winner. On Level 2, it will be all about matching all the words so that the winner will have an X on their card. And on Level 3, which we are also pitching as the final level, the goal is to match all the words on the outermost square of the cards. And since this is the final level, there should only be a single group playing, wherein the winner from said group will be your overall winner, and definitely deserves a cool prize or two.

Another version of this cocktail game:

We think playing the live version of this game is more exciting, so if you did decide to add this game and you think your guests will love the idea of dealing with real cocktails, then we say go for a game which can be a relay race that includes drinking these cocktails. You can even add the guessing the name of the cocktail as part of the game, which is definitely a cool way to test who among your guests are your cocktail gurus.



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