Free Bridal Shower Games To Print: Word Search Game For Bridal Showers


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Right here, you will find one of our game cards for our Bridal Word Search game, which as the game title implies, is a game that features different words related to getting married which are hidden among a jumble of words and will need to be searched by the players. If you like that game idea, this is where you can find more game cards.

If this doesn’t match the free bridal shower games to print you have in mind, we highly recommend you check out our bridal shower game page, which contains all our printable games and more, and you will find other word search games with a particular twist, bingo games, and a lot more. And the bride to be doesn’t mind going for something naughty without being downright dirty, we also recommend you check our bachelorette games page, which happens to be the repository of our sexier and naughtier games. But since it’s still about getting married, we think those games are definitely worth looking at if you are looking for more free bridal shower games to print.


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Card 2 Answer Key



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Although you’re not explicitly looking for such games, we would just like to highlight that on our bridal shower and bachelorette games main page, you will find two types of games – printable games are found on top, and some traditional (and usually active) games at the bottom.

How to get our free bridal shower games to print:

On this page, you will find two cards related to this free bridal shower games to print. The first one is the main puzzle, while the second one is the answer key related to said puzzle. Both are saved as images, so you can easily get them the same way you get other images from the net, which includes going to the image, doing a right click on it,  choosing Save File/Image As from the options and of course saving it locally on your preferred folder.


How to play our Bridal Word Search game:

This game can still be played the same way as typical word search game, since the type of words are just scoped down to those related to getting married, but the idea behind the game is the same. The words to be hunted are listed at the bottom part of the card, so similar to traditional game mechanics, players will need to find all the said words, with the fastest player being the winner.

But depending on your preference, you can choose to have your players solve the same puzzle, meaning just getting the puzzle found on this page and having all your players solve this. But if you decided to go for the approach wherein each player will solve a different puzzle, that is also possible because we prepared a number of cards related to this game and the lot is found here.  But a word of advice. Since we cannot guarantee that all our puzzles are created with equal difficulty, we recommend that assignment of cards should be totally random so as to ensure game fairness. This can easily be solved by asking your guests to draw their card, if we may say so.


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