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My Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This is one of our more creative free bridal shower games so you might want to check it out.

You will need lots of tissue paper (around 4 rolls per team) for this game.

The idea is to create a wedding dress for a member of the group using just tissue paper. Everything should be finished within 30 minutes. The dress should also be durable enough to be modeled around the room.

The winner of the best wedding dress will be picked by bride-to-be.

Picture Scavenger Hunt

Find a picture of a bride from a magazine or the internet since you will need it for this game. The more accessories shown in the picture, the better.

Each group need to go around the town and find as much item shown in the picture. From tiara, to the jewelries worn by the "bride", your guests need to find similar items or if they can't, something near to it or something that can work as well or better than the item in the picture. As proof of finding the item, they need to take a picture of the item being worn by one of the members of the group.

The group who was able to find the most number of items wins the game. Bride-to-be gets to judge on whether found item is indeed similar or as good as the one in the picture.

Soap Carving Contest

Your guests' goal on this free bridal shower games is to do their best to carve a bride using a dull-edge utensil from a soap (eg. bread knife). The one with the most bride-like soap wins the game. Of course, bride-to-be gets to judge!



Spice Game

Choose some herbs and spices that you want to include on this game. Place a small quantity of each spice on a see-through container.

The players must be able to guess the name of these spices by just looking and smelling them. No touching and tasting.

We also have a printable version of this free bridal shower games so make sure you check it out.

The Clothespin Relay

This is another clothespin race, a relay one this time.

As with other relay races, each member of the group will need to do something first, and after accomplishing the task, pass the turn to the next person in line.

The task here is to transfer clothespins from one point of the room to the opposite end. Before one can do that however, she needs to wear an apron, a cook's hat and an oven mitten before she can proceed and get those clothespins. Each player need to be extra careful, since clothespins that fall on the floor will no longer be considered.

After transferring a set of clothespins, the current player will then transfer her costume to the next player. This will go on until all the players had their turn or all the clothespins got transferred.

The group who was able to transport the most the number clothespins within the shortest time possible is the winner.

Whose Groom Am I?

This free bridal shower games idea is perfect if majority of the guests are married.

In your invitation, ask your guests to bring a picture of their husbands. The older the pictures, the better. Be sure to collect them as your guests arrive.

As the title suggests, your guests need to guess whose groom is the one shown in the picture. This game also serves as a good getting to know activity, since each guest need to know the other guests' name for them to be able to answer correctly.

The guest with the most number of correct answers will win a prize.


We got this free bridal shower games idea from a reader of our site and we really love the idea so we're pitching it here!

When you send your invitation, ask each of bride-to-be's friends to write a little prayer for the lucky couple. You also need lots of white balloons since you will need them for this activity. The number depends on how many guests are expected.

The idea is to tie everyone's good wishes on a balloon and send all "wish" to the Heavens. Whether you send each wish one at a time or send them all together, it will be quite amazing to see all those balloons fly up and up and up.

We'll leave it to you if you prefer to have each friend read his/her prayer to bride-to-be first. But either way, this will be a cool addition to any bridal shower.


FEATURED BridalShowerGamesAtoZ Games

Time to play: 5 minutes
Players: Unlimited
Winners: 1

Just what part of your husband is also a part of a potato, anyway? When completed, you will have all the body parts for a husband, like eyes, arm, and chest.

Time to play: 10 minutes
Players: Unlimited
Winners: 1

Can you guess what kind of flower each verse in this poem is referring to? You're never too old to learn what giving Tulips to your beloved really means!


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