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Be sure to check out the instructions of our free bridal shower printable games for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

If you are looking for printable bridal shower games and you are throwing a Jack and Jill bridal shower, the free bridal shower printable games we have here is all about couples, couples of the animal variety that is. Names of animal couples are designed to be played like a bingo game, and it can still be played like traditional bingo game of old even if this one comes with names of animal couples instead of the usual numbers. If you think this is a cool couple themed bridal shower game, then great, click here to get more bingo cards.

Now if this did not match what you have in mind, we suggest you look around at our main bridal shower games page, since we do have lots of other games, from the more popular bridal shower bingo, to some other bingo game that comes with a twist or two. And of course we also have other word-related games that are non-bingo, and they are definitely worth checking as well. All these free bridal shower printable games you can easily get and use for your friend's bridal shower celebration.


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Looking for more game options? Although not exactly categorized as bridal shower games, our bachelorette party games are nevertheless still games related to getting married, the naughty side of it that is. You will find Kama Sutra themed games and other similar sexy games on said page, and all are still printable and free. Just make sure the bride to be doesn't mind having said games on her bridal shower since adding such games will definitely affect the tone and atmosphere of the bridal shower you will throw for her.

How to get our free bridal shower printable games:

You will find two cards related to this free bridal shower printable games on this page. Both are saved as images so just follow the usual method you use to get images from the net. Go back to our main game page, follow the links provided there that will lead you to more pages like this, and repeat the above process until you have the right number of bingo cards, which should match the number of guests you are having. Make sure you take note of where you saved said printable games since you don't want to repeat the whole download process again.

How to play our Animal Couples Bingo:

As already mentioned above, the differences of this game to bingo games of old doesn't mean you cannot play this the same bingo way. In fact, you will still need to print the different word list, have a host call out each word, and players will still need to listen intently and mark the words that they will have a match for. The first player who can have a line match, may it be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line match, will be your winner.

Yes, you can definitely still play it that way. Or you can twist some of those rules so you can play this bingo game your way. Have no idea what we mean? We think that playing this game as a multi-level bingo is something you can consider, especially if you want to stretch your bingo play time. Divide your guests into how many groups, assign the same set of cards per group and all these groups will play simultaneously on the first few levels. The goal on the first level can still be about the line match, wherein winners from this level, and there will definitely be multiple winners because each group will have the same set of cards as the others, will move to the next level, wherein on said level (Level 2), there will still be groups simultaneously playing, but maybe less number of groups than the number you had on Level 1. The goal on this game level is to match all the words so that there will be an X mark on the bingo card of the winner. And winners from this level will then move on the next and final level, and this time around, only a single group will be playing and the goal of the players this time  is to completely match all the words found on the outermost square of their cards.

Please take note that the way you twist your version of bingo need not be exactly like this, since our purpose for sharing this idea is to just give a tip or two that with some twist here and there, you can turn even bingo games that are quite traditional, into something different, and hopefully a more exciting game.



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