FREE Printable Bridal Shower Cards (Casual)


Be sure to check out the instructions of our free printable bridal shower cards for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

This is one of our printable and free bridal shower cards we have designed for African American brides, which is perfect If this fits the profile of your friend the bride to be. But if this doesn’t match what you have in mind, no worries, since you can find another version of this free printable bridal shower cards here, while the rest of our general bridal shower invitations are found on this page.

Please take note that the invitation on this page is categorized under general primarily because we expect them to work on all types of showers, whether you are throwing a theme-based shower or not. But please take note that these were designed with elements of getting married in mind, and will not reflect any specific theme element.

If you are throwing her a cooking themed shower, a stock the bar shower, and you prefer your free printable bridal shower cards to show related theme elements, then we recommend you check our theme-based bridal shower invites page. We have prepared lots of free printable bridal shower cards, which means as long as you have the patience and time to find the perfect card that will match your event, and of course taking the time to personalize things, we’re pretty sure you can WOW your guests and entice them to RSVP.


CREATIVE Free Bridal Shower Invitations



CREATIVE Bridal Shower Thank You Cards





CREATIVE Bridal Shower Cards



Ready To Use Bridal Invitations





How to get our free printable bridal shower cards:

On this page, you will find three types of free printable bridal shower cards. One is our main and ready to use bridal shower invite, which comes with different fields that will contain some relevant party information that we think must be shared to guests. The next is a similarly designed thank you card, which comes with those magic words, and last but not the least is a card that we left purposely blank, but still comes with the same design as the others.

All are saved as images, so you can just use your typical method of getting images from the net. Just make sure you remember the folder where you saved said images since you will need the templates saved on your computer if you are to use them.

How to use our free printable bridal shower cards:

Depending on what you need when you searched for free printable bridal shower cards, and of course your preference on how your final bridal shower invitation will look like, you will either would like to use our ready to use invite or the blank card. Of course you can easily be looking for a thank you card, which as already mentioned above, is one of the provided cards on this page.

The ready to use invite is perfect for people who love the idea of a fill-type of invitation, so you just need to supply the right party information per field, save it, and it’s ready to be sent. If this matches you perfectly, then look no further since this might have just been designed with you in mind. If you think a nice amount of personalization is the way to go, then you might want to look at our blank template. This was designed to have the same background as the others so that users of this template can concentrate on coming up with their own invitation wordings without worrying too much about their invitation design or background. Love said idea? Then make sure you get our blank template.

Whether you are using the ready to use invitation template or the blank one, you can use your favorite image editor to edit said templates which are saved as images, so you can add your pertinent info. If you will be more comfortable doing so, you can also use your Microsoft Word to do the same. Just insert the template you want in a blank document, insert one or more text box on top of it, and just type inside the textbox. Please take note that if you are going for the ready to use template, inserting one text box per field will be the better way to go. Why? Because based from experience, the one textbox per field approach can make it easier for you to navigate your added text and make sure they are aligned to the text that comes with the template by default.



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