Looking for FREE Printable Bridal Shower Games and Activities? You can find a Kitchen Themed Word Search Game Here!


Looking for free printable bridal shower games and activities for your kitchen themed shower? The game on this page is all about names of spices and herbs, and Costmary, Rosemary, Thyme and Lemongrass are just the tip of the iceberg. This game version is a Word Search version, so if you think your guests are up to a game of hunting for different words - names of spices of herbs to be exact, then we say add this game.

If you love the idea of a spices and herb game, but prefers a non-Word search one,  we also have a spices and herbs game bingo that you can check out. In fact, we have word search games and bingo games with different twists, a general one that is all about bridal shower, brides in general and wedding stuff. We also have couple themed bridal shower games, from the animal variety to famous TV fictional couples from TV series favorites. We also have lingerie themed bingo and cocktail themed games, and you can get everything at our bridal shower game main page.

And if you don’t mind games that are naughtier and sexier in nature, you might also want to check out our bachelorette party games main page since we have bingo and word search games that are quite naughty without being downright dirty.

If are looking for more kitchen themed bridal shower ideas, you can get more tips here.


FREE Printable Bridal Shower Games and Activities Card

Spice Hunt Card 1

Spice Hunt Card 2

Spice Hunt Card 3

Spice Hunt Card 4

Spice Hunt Card 5

Spice Hunt Card 6

Spice Hunt Card 7

Spice Hunt Card 8


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How to Play our FREE Printable Bridal Shower Games and Activities:

We usually pitch playing different levels to our bingo game cards, but we realized that this can also be done for this free printable bridal shower games and activities as well, so here goes.

We have provided numerous numbers of puzzles, and since not all puzzles are created with equal difficulty, this can be your way of differentiating each level, the easier cards can be played on the earlier levels, while the more difficult cards are played on the final level. Although we didn’t exactly “grade” each card as  easy, medium, or hard, we did provide an answer key with each puzzle (it’s the 2nd card found on each game page) and you can use that to assess the difficulty level, and decide which will go to which level.

So on the first level, there will be numerous groups playing, wherein each group should be using the same set of cards. Winners, meaning the players who were able to locate the most number of words found at the bottom of each card, will move to the next level. This will go on, until you are down to the final level, and this time around , only one group should be playing. The same rule applies, the faster player in hunting names of spices and herbs will be your final winner. Now we will leave to you if you have enough prizes for all the winners from each level, or you will just reward the final level winner(s).

Of course you can always play this as a straightforward word search minus the multiple level approach, but either way, we think this free printable bridal shower games and activities is worth adding to any bridal shower party.


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