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Be sure to check out the instructions of our free wedding shower invitation templates for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Lingerie themed invitations are very much in demand in the bridal shower arena so we made sure you will have many options if she have your heart set on it. But if she has another theme or invitation design in mind, see our other bridal shower invites and see if we have something that will match what she wants.



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Lingerie showers are quite popular in the bridal shower arena, since we bet bride to bes everywhere (and their friends too) love the idea of sending the bride with tons of new and sexy lingerie that she can start her married life with.  So if she love love love lingerie, then make her bridal send off a love for lingerie day, with tons of lingerie themed activities, and all sorts of lingerie as gift for the bride to be.

We think sending a lingerie themed bridal shower invite is a great start to this lingerie day, so make sure you check out the different printables found on this page.  It shows a bride wearing a sexy lingerie, and if this matches what you have in mind, then great. But if you want to look for other invitation designs, the good news is we have lots since as already mentioned before, this is a popular theme choice among bridal shower throwers. You can check out our different lingerie designs at our free wedding shower invitation templates main page. And your options will not stop there. We also have general bridal shower invitations, general because we have no specific theme in mind when we designed them. And because of the fact that it comes with a Theme field, it is still a great invitation candidate even if you have finally settled on having a lingerie theme shower. If you want to check them out, this is where you can find our general bridal shower invitations.


How to use our free wedding shower invitation templates:

If you have finally decided that the invitation on this page is the way to go, you can find the usual bridal shower invitation, thank you card, and a blank card, all designed with a bride wearing a lingerie.  That should aid you in enticing your guests to  attend your shower, which you can do so by using our ready to use bridal shower invite, or by customizing the provided blank card with your own words that you think can better entice them to  RSVP. We highly recommend going for the latter, since your invitations is your guests'  first “glimpse” on your event, so if you can wow them already as early as that, why not, right? It is best if you or the bride to be can come up with something witty and very personalized, but if this is too much of a challenge, we say google it, since there are lots of free invitation wordings out there, and just choose the best that fits your event. That is still way better than just utilizing our ready to use invites as is, if we may say so.


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