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How to use our games for bridal showers:

Looking for a nice bridal shower game to add to your list of shower activities? Whether you are having an alcohol-themed shower or not, we think this Cocktail Bingo, the game found on this page, is something you can consider. Throwing a bachelorette party? With its alcohol theme, plus the fact that some of the cocktail names included here are of the naughty/sexy nature, we think this is worth considering for bachelorettes as well.

Unlike traditional bingo and bridal shower bingos that feature numbers and words related to brides, bridal showers or weddings, this one features name of cocktails, particularly the kinda naughty ones, which includes Orgasm, Blow Job, and Hanky-Panky. If you think this won’t work for your event, we have other types of bingo and bridal shower games that you might want to check out.

To download our fun games for bridal showers card, right-click on the image, and choose Save Picture As. Save image to C:\Images or your preferred image folder.

Fun Games For Bridal Showers Bingo Mechanics:

 Unlike traditional bingo games, this version of bingo doesn’t come with B I N G O columns, which means words are not tied up to a specific column. So a word that appears in the first column in one card, can very well appear in the last column on another card.  And because of this, players will need to be extra diligent when they hear a word called, since they need to scour their cards to make sure that they can mark called out words properly.

But since this is still a bingo game albeit with the right alcohol flavor, we highly recommend playing it with a different twist to add more excitement to this very traditional game. Interested? Then how about playing your typical single-level bingo game into a multi-level one? If you like this idea, then please read through the rest of our ideas/instructions.

We think that Level 1 can still be played with the typical rule related to bingo, wherein the first person who can mark a straight line is the winner. What's different is that you need to divide your players into multiple groups, give each group the same set of cards,  and players who were able to achieve the goal first will be your winner and will move to the next level. On Level 2, there will still be more than one group playing, but the number can be less than that of Level 1. The goal on this level is to mark all the words that will make an X on their bingo cards. And on the final level, there will only be a single group playing, and the winner here will be your overall winner (but we will leave to you if you want to award the winners from each level as well). And to make this final level more interesting, why not require the players to mark the words found on the outermost square of their bingo cards for them to be the winner?

The above twist is just a suggestion, if you have another twist in mind, then we say go for it, since you know your guests and event better, and can better say what is the right approach for your group. But whether you go for a single-level game, or a game with a different twist, we think this is a cool and fun games for bridal showers.

As with the other aspects of your bridal shower, you have a choice whether to go for something theme-based, an active game or a pencil/paper one. Our theme-based bridal shower games and activities can be found with our other bridal shower theme ideas. Majority of said games require some preparation on your part, which can vary from wedding-related items needed for a memory game to art materials on one of the activities that require your guests’ creative juices. They may require more time and attention than the game on this page, but we’re pretty sure your guests will find them different and more enjoyable as well.

The fun games for bridal showers found on this page is primarily a pen(cil)-paper game. It is one of the traditional bridal shower games, and though they won’t be called very exciting, we feel that your guests will find them a comfort to play, which will make it possible for them to gossip with the bride to be and other friends at the same time, which is definitely not a bad thing. Of course, there’s really no rule which says you only have to go one way (active games) or the other (traditional game). If a mix of the two will better suit your event,  then we say go for it!

To get other fun games for bridal showers card, check out our fun games for bridal showers main page.


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