Looking for Fun Wedding Shower Games? Cocktails Bingo Anyone?

Looking for fun wedding shower games? The game here is a bingo game but injected with the right twist, making it a perfect addition on any type of bridal shower. The twist involved here is more of the cocktail name variety, since instead of the typical words about bridal showers and weddings that one associates with bridal shower bingo games, or even numbers that comes with typical bingo, this one features names of cocktails, which includes, but is not limited to Hanky-Panky, Orgasm, Blow Job, and Cosmopolitan. This is especially fitting if you are throwing your friend a stock the bar shower, although since celebrating with a zing is definitely expected on any type of bridal shower, we think for this very reason this game will be a fitting addition to any theme-based (or even non theme-based) bridal send-off.

Since your definition of fun wedding shower games might be different with the way we see it, we suggest you check out our bridal shower games main page, for other printable bingo games and traditional bridal shower games that might fit your definition of fun better. If you are not limiting your bridal shower games to something that can be played in pen and paper, we also suggest you check out our bridal shower themes page, since on top of the decoration tips, food ideas and such, our theme-based games are found with our theme-based ideas.

But if you think the naughtier and sexier the game is, the more it fits your definition of fun wedding shower games, then make sure you also check out our bachelorette party games main page, since we have tons of naughty (without being downright dirty) games right there!



Fun Wedding Shower Games Bingo

Cocktail Bingo Cards 1 & 2

Cocktail Bingo Cards 3 & 4

Cocktail Bingo Cards 5 & 6

Cocktail Bingo Cards 7 & 8

Cocktail Bingo Cards 9 & 10

Cocktail Bingo Cards 11 & 12

Cocktail Bingo Cards 13 & 14

Cocktail Bingo Cards 15 & 16


Want to download all our Cocktail Bingo cards in a single file? Answer a survey or two and you can get all said bridal shower games in PDF format!



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Fun Wedding Shower Games

Bingo Word List




How to get our fun wedding shower games bingo card:

The links provided above, when followed, will lead you to a page that contains two bingo cards. All our bingo cards are saved as images, so for you to get them, you need to follow your typical method of saving images from the net, yes we mean those instructions wherein you right click on the image, do a Save File/Image As function , and inputting your preferred location on where you will save these freebies.  Just do the same on each of the link provided until you reach the right number of bingo cards that will fit your event.

If your number of guests are more than the number of bingo cards we have, we think printing multiple copies of some of these cards is something you can consider, but if you do have the time and inclination, we think coming up with your own bingo game cards is another approach you can take. And with some magic done on your favorite image editor, you can even make use of the background template design of our cards to use with the bingo cards you’ve designed. We highly suggest you going for the latter, but as always, we say go with the approach that you are more comfortable with since either approach is fine.


Fun wedding shower games idea and twist:

Since you’re playing with cocktails anyway, we think playing with real cocktails is definitely more fun, and if you prefer the live version, then why settle for the pen and paper one?

Yes we know that it will mean more preparation on your part if you for this approach, but it will be exponentially more fun as well, so if the fun aspect is really important, then we say read on.

Prepare a number of cocktails, number them since this will help on easier game implementation, and have your guests guess the name of each cocktail after they take a sip or two. You can even challenge them further by asking them to remember which number corresponds to which cocktail, and just like that, you can turn this game into a Memory Cocktail, making it a more fun wedding shower games, if we may say so.



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